WoW Burning Crusade Classic: Gehennas will be closed for server transfers

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The important information for all fans of WoW Burning Crusade Classic first: The free server transfers to EU Classic BC server Gehenna will be closed shortly. Blizzard’s WoW community manager Kaivax speaks of itthat the end of this service will be made no earlier than 24 hours after the announcement. This was announced on July 11, 2022 at 11:00 p.m. our time. This week (until July 17, 2022) the free transfer to EU-Gehennas will be deactivated. To, as Kaivax points out, prevent Gehenna from becoming overpopulated. A look into the Population statistics of’s EU servers revealedthat such overpopulation is already taking place – on the part of the Horde. In order to explain why this is so, we have to go back a little.

Overpopulation on Firemaw

In February 2022, the developers of World of Warcraft looking at the European server stats, found that a large part of the player base meets on the Realm Firemaw. Since a server has active character limits, mass transfers (and character creations, of course) to this very active mega-server with a healthy PvP balance ensured that queues were activated at login. And the WoW makers don’t think you should waste your valuable playing time waiting.

Because of this, Blizzard developers asked Firemaw players to consider moving to a less populated server and enabled free server transfers. Four layers at once that all players were trying to fit into Firemaw’s open world was simply a real test of the hardware. “Adding more layers would not increase the total number of players that can be on a realm at the same time. This maximum is limited by hardware limitations,” explained Kaivax.

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Character stop on Firemaw

Unsurprisingly, most Classic players weren’t particularly keen on moving from a busy server to a more “dead” realm. That’s why have the developers then pulled the brakes in May 2022 and disabled character creation for Firemaw to put a stop to the “megaserver”. With little success. In May 2022 there were still around 30,000 players active in raids on Firemaw, in July 2022 there were still almost 26,000. So really many heroes didn’t move.

And now the free transfers to the EU server Gehenna have to be stopped, because mostly Horde players have emigrated there and are causing the server seams to burst. Gehennas has almost 20,000 active raid characters and is slowly but surely approaching the proportions of Firemaw. In addition, there are hardly any servers with a larger faction imbalance; measured by the amount of active raid characters, mind you.