WoW: Forsaken Druids – Fan designed Zombie Owls and Mushroom Treant

WoW: This is how newcomers avoid the compulsion to play BfA!

from Matthias Brueckle
WoW doesn’t let us freely combine classes and peoples, even if in Dragonflight we’ll be able to access the Combo Tauren villain, which has only existed as a meme for years. A gifted 3D artist and WoW fan has now illustrated how great the combination of Forsaken and Druid would be!

Let’s dream a little in WoW: How cool would Forsaken Druids be? The combination of race and class does not currently exist in Blizzard’s MMORPG. And some will certainly say that the undead don’t go together with the shamanistic. But as the saying goes: what doesn’t fit will be made to fit! Beautifully lit by the fantastic work of 3D artist and WoW fan Fishbones. He has to do with his fan concept Forsaken Druids with animations clearly shown how much potential the combination of death magic and druid power represents.