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Mini computer with new Intel CPU

Intel’s next NUC Extreme generation is on the way. “Raptor Canyon” is the name of the mini PCs that are supposed to use 13th generation processors.


Intel NUC on a desk
The Mini-PC “Dragon Canyon” shown here will be followed in the foreseeable future by its successor: “Raptor Canyon”.

The next generation of Intel’s in-house mini PCs is due to be released this year. That shows one on Reddit Manufacturer’s product roadmap leaked by user /u/Lukedriftwood. It shows that the release of “Raptor Canyon” is planned for the fourth quarter of 2022.

Intel uses Canyon to describe its NUC Extreme products, i.e. particularly powerful mini PCs from its own production. And Raptor Lake is the name of the new CPU generation expected in the coming months. If you put two and two together, you’ll see: “Raptor Canyon” will be a mini computer with the forthcoming 13th processor generation at its heart.

Apart from that, the section of the roadmap offers a few more specifications that Intel wants to include in “Raptor Lake”. Cases with a capacity of 13.9 liters are to be used for the computers. This is a clear increase compared to the current “Dragon Canyon” models with 8 liters and is probably due to Raptor Lake’s increased short-term power hunger of up to 180 W.

In addition, customers will probably have the choice between the top CPU Core i9-13900K, the Core i7-13700K located below it and at least one overclockable mainstream model from the i5 lineup.

Finally, there is a reference to a PCIe x16 slot. The NUC Extreme will also have a connection option for discrete graphics cards. These are likely to be models from Nvidia, since the first NUCs with their own Arc graphics card appeared just a few months earlier with “Serpent Canyon”.

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The roadmap is not yet more precise than “Q4 2022” when it comes to the release date. Unfortunately, we don’t have any information about the prices for the various “Raptor Canyon” at the moment. We can expect more here in the coming months when Intel officially presents Raptor Lake.

Intel roadmap showing launch dates of different NUC generations.
The first NUCs with Raptor Canyon CPUs are expected to appear later this year.
Intel NUC on a desk

Intel NUC 12 “Serpent Canyon”

Intel is planning a new mini PC with its own Arc GPU

Intel’s newest NUC will rely entirely on its own products. Because for the first time, the manufacturer installed a self-made Arc GPU. The new Mini-PC can do that.

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