Thanks to Prime Day, you’re currently getting the best cell phone controller on offer for 40 euros

Thanks to Prime Day, you're currently getting the best cell phone controller on offer for 40 euros

Many MMORPGs and shooters are also available for mobile phones. You can get the best controller for your cell phone really cheap thanks to Prime Day.

Many developers release their games in a mobile version. In the meantime, there is already a lot of equipment that you can buy for your cell phone. You can currently get the best controller for Android phones for around 40 euros.

In our article we explain why the offer is so good and why we can recommend the controller.

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You won’t get a better controller for your Android phone on sale

What is this device? The Razer Kishi is a controller in the middle of which you clamp your phone. You then connect the cell phone directly via the USB-C or Lightning connector. In this way, the controller does not need its own battery, but you cannot use the headphone jack. There is an additional USB-C port on the front, so you can charge your phone while gaming.

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What do we like about the controller? The controller is very compact and well suited for luggage. The setup works without any problems and the device is recognized directly if controller support is available.

Since the controller is connected to your phone via USB-C, you also have almost no latency. This is also an advantage over controllers that rely on Bluetooth or wireless connections.

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The buttons on the controller feel precise. Since this is the usual Xbox design, all buttons are easily accessible. Thanks to the rounded corners, the kishi sits comfortably in the hand, even during longer games.

What didn’t go so well? The processing cannot always convince us. Razer relies primarily on plastic. The two halves of the controller are connected to each other with a kind of leather strap. This works fine. Other manufacturers rely on a stable holder on the back. It’s a pity that the manufacturer only uses plastic. This makes the handles look a bit hard and offer no grip.

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Why is the offer worth it? Normally, the Razer Kishi costs 89.99 euros. For this price, we find the Kishi a bit too expensive, since the workmanship is not completely convincing and other controllers seem a bit more valuable.

For just 43 euros, however, the Kishi is an excellent offer for all users who regularly play on their mobile phones. You can hardly go wrong here if your game offers controller support, such as Diablo Immortal or Apex Legend.

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