Playstation Stars Introduced: Loyalty Program Featuring Non-NFT Digital Collectibles

Playstation Stars Introduced: Loyalty Program Featuring Non-NFT Digital Collectibles

from Oliver Jaeger
Sony is introducing a new loyalty program called “Playstation Stars”. Players should be able to participate for free and get bonuses. There will also be digital collectibles at Playstation Stars. However, a person responsible for Sony expressly emphasized that these are not NFTs

Sony is now conjuring a new feature out of a hat for long-time Playstation players: Playstation Stars is the name of the new loyalty program from Japan and is intended to celebrate the players for their perseverance with the Playstation consoles. The loyalty program will be rolled out later this year and will then be free for all participants. After becoming a member, there are already rewards that players should be able to earn by completing a variety of campaigns and activities.

Playstation Stars: Offers many rewards but no NFTs

For example, there is a “Monthly Check-In” campaign in which you only have to play any game to receive a bonus directly. According to Sony, this looks a bit different for other campaigns. Here you have to win tournaments or earn certain trophies. You may also need to be the first player to earn a platinum trophy in a “blockbuster title” in your local time zone to be eligible for a bounty.

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Prizes are earned by earning Playstation Stars members loyalty points redeemable from a catalog that may include PSN credit and select Playstation Store products. As an added benefit, Playstation Plus members who have signed up for Playstation Stars will automatically earn points for purchases from the Playstation Store.

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Things get interesting with a new type of bonus that will be introduced as part of Playstation Stars and includes so-called “digital collectibles”. Sony states that these are digital representations of things, including figurines of popular and iconic characters from games and other entertainment formats, and devices, reflecting Sony’s development history. At first glance, it sounds like Sony is now flirting with cryptogaming and releasing NFTs. However, a Sony executive told the Washington Post that players don’t have to worry about the digital collectibles.

“They are definitely not NFTs. Definitely not. You cannot trade or sell them. No blockchain technologies are used and they are definitely not NFTs.” It is not yet known when the Playstation Stars loyalty program will actually be launched. As soon as that happens, an announcement will surely be made on the Playstation Blog.

Source: Sony, Washington Post