Crossout: Big Chase update with new Battle Pass, map and more

Crossout: Big Chase update with new Battle Pass, map and more

The Big Chase update for Crossout brings a new Battle Pass season, map, PvE mode and more.

Gaijin Entertainment announces the release of the Big Chase content update for the post-apocalyptic online action game Crossout. This is the biggest update this summer, bringing a new Battle Pass season, the long-awaited co-driver system, the return of the revamped PvE mode Chase, and the new PvP map Peaceful Atom.

The ninth Battle Pass Season focuses on the fight between the Syndicate and the Steppenwolves and offers new vehicle parts from both factions as rewards, such as the huge AM-5 Avalanche Assault Mortar, the RA-1 Heather Rocket Artillery Module with a new volley fire mechanic , the Miller Heavy Minigun, the Omamori Passive Protection Module, and new structural parts and cosmetic items. The new Battle Pass season will last until October 16th.

A revamped passenger system gives players even more options to tweak their vehicle before heading into battle. The update brings eight new battle companions, each with passive abilities, as well as talents that can be activated.

For example, a partner named Jay prefers to shoot at enemies from long range, so reduces the spread of the weapon and increases the damage and speed of the projectile. Another teammate, Phobos, likes to stealthily attack by taking advantage of individual opponents and sneaking up on them from behind in stealth mode.

The revamped “Chase” raid returns to the valley. It takes place on the new map, Warrior’s Path, where two Steppenwolf battle wagons await four survivors who have sided with the Syndicate. The players’ goal is to stop and rob the convoy before it leaves the location. Both trucks are heavily armed and will not give up easily. If the survivors hijack either truck, they will only get a portion of the valuable cargo. If both are captured, there is a full reward.

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The battles on the new Peaceful Atom PvP map take place amidst industrial buildings such as the dilapidated hangars, old rails and rusty wagons. It’s a good place to loot some resources if you have time to preempt the looters and the rest of the survivors.

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