2021 Mystery Game 97% on Steam, Now Coming to PS5 – Players Hiding What Makes It So Good

2021 Mystery Game 97% on Steam, Now Coming to PS5 - Players Hiding What Makes It So Good

The unusual game “Inscryption” has a really good cut on Steam and should now also inspire players on PS4 and PS5. But players warn: It’s best to go in as blind as possible.

What kind of game is this? Inscryption describes itself on Steam as a “dark, card-based odyssey that blends deck-building roguelike, escape-room-style puzzles, and psychological horror into a gory smoothie.”

The unusual card game was released on October 19, 2021 on Steam and has such a good rating average that it is one of the absolute best things released on the platform in 2021.

97% of the total of 68,143 reviews are positive, with the most recent reviews (from the last 30 days) it is 96% of 2,571 reviews.

What’s new? After a port for PS4 and PS5 had already been announced, there is now a date for the indie favorite: Inscryption will officially appear in the PS Store on August 30th, 2022 and will then cost 19.99 euros.

This means that PlayStation players will soon be able to rate whether Inscryption deserves the great ratings. However, if you want to research in advance whether the game is something for your own collection, you should think twice about how deep you go: Because many players recommend diving into the game as “blindly” as possible.

Many make a big secret about Inscryption

A special game: As the port officially on the PlayStation Blog was announced, developer Daniel Mullins again emphasized the aforementioned mixture of different genres. A bit of maps, brain power and horror impact, so. But be prepared for a surprise or two: Mullins has previous experience with “crazy games on Steam” – he was also responsible for the similarly popular “Pony Island”.

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Speaking of Inscryption, he says, “There is tremendous potential in this combination of video game genres. What starts out as a devilish deck-building game soon takes a surprising turn, but I’ll leave it to you to discover the darkest secrets for yourself.”

Many of the reviewers on Steam also seem to follow this credo. Because while there’s plenty of praise for the game, many choose to talk about it as little as possible:

  • “I haven’t played anything like that before. If you only invest a few hours, you will not only be surprised by the gameplay, but also by the game itself. I have never experienced such mechanics and ideas before. I’m glad I got to play it,” one user wrote (via Steam)
  • “Inscryption is something that nobody is going to imitate very quickly. Incredibly fun gameplay, varied design, good pacing, really beautiful and sophisticated art styles and here and there a plot twist that encourages you to rethink. The less you know about the game, the more fun it is. Uncompromising recommendation for anyone looking for a few hours of challenging entertainment (preferably in a row) that’s still really good fun,” agrees another (via Steam).
  • “The less you know, the better the game,” writes another (via Steam).

Overall, there’s a lot of praise for the atmosphere, gameplay mechanics, and creative ideas that make up the game. If you look at the comparatively few critical comments, there are also some players who are not so satisfied with the sometimes strong changes in the game. So you should approach the game with an open mind and expect surprises.

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If you want to get an impression, you can find the trailer here. It doesn’t give much information about the content, but here too some players recommend simply saving the video:

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How was the game otherwise? Inscryption has also made some waves outside of the Steam reviews. For example, it was proposed as the best indie game at the “Game Awards” 2021, but was beaten by Kena: Bridge of Spirits.

But it won the “Game of the Year” title at the Game Developers Choice Awards and also cleared at the Independent Games Festival Awards. It also garnered more nominations for Best Game at other award shows.

There are also numerous videos on YouTube that praise the game, praise it as particularly creative or call it the best game of 2021.

Is the PS version different? As developer Daniel Mullins explains, you can basically expect the same, unusual experience on console as on PC. But there are a few extras: For example, PS controller lighting that is adapted to the game, or voices that come directly from your pad. It also brings haptic feedback into play on PS5 – all for the sake of mood.

What do you think of the mysterious game? do you already know it Do you also think you should go in blind? Do you have a thing for such unusual games? Or is that not for you? Tell us in the comments!

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