Stray – Rating overview: That’s what the press says about the cat adventure


appears today Stray for personal computer, PS4 and PS5. That Third Person Adventurein which her a stray Cat can play was by Blue Twelve Studio is developed and will be included in the game catalog immediately upon release, on the subscribers of PS Plus the steps extra and Premium access at no additional cost.

“Stray” became 2020 for personal computer and PS5 announced and was originally supposed to appear last year. However, the title has been postponed several times in order to live up to the high expectations. The game is about one nameless cat, who will be separated from her family and in one menacing, futuristic city lands.

However, instead of people living here only robots. One of them becomes friends with the hairy protagonist and takes over the communication in the world. Stand next to the exploration stealth sections and small environmental puzzles on the menu.

The ratings for Stray

As the Stray reviews come out, we’re getting a good idea of ​​what’s in store for us in the new cat adventure expected and for whom the game is suitable. In our test overview we’ll show you how the press has rated the game so far. The following aspects will be there particularly emphasized:

© Annapurna Interactive/BlueTwelve Studio

Positive aspects

  • Pretty staging
  • Believable animations
  • Interesting cyberpunk world

Negative aspects

  • No soundtrack
  • Clear playing time
  • Control in stressful situations partially imprecise

Opinions on “Stray” are falling mostly positive out. The world probably invites you to explore and offers many interesting secrets. Especially feeling actually one Cat the small development team seems to have managed to control it very well. Only the scope could have been a little larger. The game can in 6-8 hours be finished and offers little replay value. In addition, the soundtrack is completely missing.

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Metacritic-Average (as of July 19, 2022, 11:15 am)

Rating overview of the press:

  • Screen Rant: 90/100
  • IGN Japan: 90/100
  • Digital trending: 80/100
  • Attack of the Fan Boy: 60/100
  • PlayStation Universe: 90/100
  • GamePro: 86/100
  • God is a geek: 90/100
  • JeuxVideo: 75/100