One Piece Film Red: Theatrical release on October 13th

One Piece Film Red (Filme & Serien) von

The Straw Hat Gang is coming to the cinema: In mid-October, Luffy’s crew sets sail and sails to the big screen in Germany (and Austria). Bonus info: Choice of Japanese or German synchro!

1,000 episodes of the anime series are obviously not enough, the crazy buccaneers also want to go to the cinema. Of the meanwhile 15th stripe the manga and anime mega brand has the awkward name One Piece Film: Red and is also on the prowl in German and Austrian cinemas. Of course we have the trailer for you at the start…

Story & Voices

What is the movie about? This is what the press release tells us (and you): “Princess Uta, the world’s most popular singing diva, is giving her first live concert on the music island of Elegia! A massive audience, including the Straw Hat Gang, other pirates and the Navy come to experience Uta’s otherworldly voice. However, she appears in a whole different light when Luffy reveals the shocking fact that she is the daughter of the Pirate Emperor Red-Haired-Shanks!What exactly is this new era of happiness for all that Uta is singing about?Will her voice bring eternal happiness or endless imprisonment ?”

From October 13, fans should get answers to these questions. Because the Sony subsidiary Crunchyroll offers the film both in the Japanese original with subtitles and in the German dubbed version in the cinemas. According to Crunchyroll, the film’s seven songs remain original in all versions. Incidentally, the big premiere takes place two days beforehand – on October 11, the dead carpet will be rolled out in the German capital.

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