Strangers of Paradise: DLC only for the best and most patient players

Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin: Exclusive Interview With The Developers (1)

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin has been out for a few months now. Most players will probably have already played through the title. Fortunately, the wait for new content is now over, as the first DLC for the game, called Trials of the Dragon King, was released today. Unfortunately, not every user can play the new DLC, because its content is only available through a newly added level of difficulty, which is more difficult than the normal game.

New Stranger of Paradise content can only be unlocked via a new difficulty level

The base game offers four different levels of difficulty. A story mode ensures that players can get through the title’s battles in a relaxed manner so that they can concentrate on the plot. An additional casual mode automatically revives team members, among other things. For those who want it harder, Stranger of Paradise has a chaos mode ready, which is only unlocked once the game’s storyline has been completed.

However, with Trials of the Dragon King comes the Bahamut difficulty level, which is even more challenging than Chaos mode. For completing missions on Bahamut, players will be rewarded with a new currency, which in turn can be used to unlock the new stages of the DLC. Bahamut also increases the maximum item level, which is why the new DLC is probably aimed primarily at players who have already fully exhausted the base game and are now looking for a reason to start grinding again.

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Many Final Fantasy fans are less than thrilled with this decision. Some players are only interested in the storyline of the games and therefore do not want to play at an extremely high difficulty level. The balancing of the new DLC also leaves a little to be desired, because some players complain about much too strong opponents and the same.