Smartwatch for kids: 5 versatile children’s wearables with GPS

With a smartwatch, children learn how to use technology in a playful way.

Not only adults like to use smartwatches these days, children are also enthusiastic about the smart wearable. No wonder: What the big ones have has always been the most interesting thing for the little ones. We have put together five particularly smart wearables for you here.

Xplora X4 Cat Carl Kids VTech Kidizoom DX2 Findly Xplora X5 Play

Parents can also take advantage of this fascination. Thanks to GPS and other smart features, they always keep a (virtual) eye on the offspring, and the high-tech watches can also be quite practical in other respects.

Xplora X4

The Xplora X4 is a smartwatch that brings many functions of a smartphone with it. A total of 50 contacts can be saved in the associated app and then selected or accepted directly from the wrist by swiping on the touchscreen. A SIM card is required for this. The smartwatch also shows text messages and emojis on the display. Thanks to an integrated camera, the kids can take photos with the Xplora X4 and share them with their parents. Up to 1,000 pictures can be stored on the smartwatch.

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Thanks to the GPS function, mom and dad always know exactly where the offspring is. Parents also have the option to create safety zones. If the child leaves these areas, there is a notification. School mode deactivates almost all functions so that children can learn undisturbed. In this mode, parents can still locate their children and children can use the SOS button. Finally, the Xplora smartwatch also counts the steps. There are rewards in the form of games and other prizes for every 1,000 steps.

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Cat Carl Kids

The Cat Carl Kids is a GPS tracker and children’s smartwatch in one. The smart wearable not only allows parents to keep an eye on the whereabouts of their children in real time using the geo-fence function and GPS. Thanks to the SOS button and telephone function, the offspring can also get in touch with mum, dad or other stored contacts at any time – and actively call for help if necessary. Parents can also easily call the smartwatch with their smartphone.

VTech Kidizoom DX2

The Kidizoom DX2 is not strictly a smartwatch as it lacks internet connectivity. Telephoning and GPS positioning are therefore not possible. The DX2 scores primarily as a play and learn wearable. It is equipped with two cameras that the kids can use to take pictures, selfies and videos. It is then possible to add frames and edit the photos. The smartwatch also has an alarm clock, timer and stopwatch. With the help of a special mode, the offspring can learn to read the clock.

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Findly fullscreen children’s smartwatch Findly comes in an appealing and cheerful design. Image: © Xabier Larrañaga/ 2017

Compared to many other smartwatches for children, Findly’s equipment is rather manageable. But that doesn’t matter at all, because the watch can do what it’s supposed to do all the better – theoretically at least, because so far the wearable has unfortunately only been a design study.

If the children’s smartwatch does make it onto the market, parents can look forward to an active helper on their wrist, which not only tells them exactly where their offspring is, but also shows the little ones the direction via the display arrow points back to the lost parent.

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The contact details of the legal guardians are also shown on the display, so that helpers can easily get in touch with mum and dad. In addition, the smartwatch monitors the vital data of its little wearer – this can also calm the parents’ nerves.

Xplora X5 Play

The Xplora X5 Play is intended to playfully motivate youngsters to exercise more. She records physical activity and combines it with entertainment. No SIM card is required to make phone calls, the smartwatch works with an eSIM that is permanently integrated into the device. Thanks to her, children can receive and make calls.

The memory can hold up to 50 contacts. The watch also displays text messages and emojis. In addition, a camera is integrated into the wearable. Thanks to GPS, the X5 Play knows where the offspring is and parents can see the current location in the parent app. In the application it is also possible to set up security zones.

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