The 5 most interesting new MMORPGs in development in 2022

The 5 most interesting new MMORPGs in development in 2022

In the coming years there are 5 MMORPGs that can be interesting for fans of the genre. We introduce them to you in the new episode of the MeinMMO podcast.

After several releases over the past few years, things are a little quieter on the MMORPG front in 2022. Games like Swords of Legends Online, Elyon and New Word have failed, but the next MMO games are already taking their place. This includes indie MMOs funded through Kickstarter and MMORPGs from well-known developers like ArenaNet.

  • Ashes of Creations is a sandbox MMO from millionaire Steven Sharif. The idea for the game came about because he was playing the MMORPG ArcheAge but wanted something better. The MMO brings innovative ideas and relies on user-generated content.
  • Crimson Desert is the sequel to the Korean MMORPG Black Deser Online. In contrast to its predecessor, the focus of the game is on the story and the campaign. You will be able to play Crimson Desert solo or in the multiplayer mode Another Story.
  • Star Citizen is a space MMO with a sci-fi setting that has been in development for many years. It raised about $500 million on Kickstarter. Players take on the role of a pilot tasked with exploring a vast universe. You can already buy a variety of spaceships of all kinds.
  • Project TL, now known as Throne and Liberty, has had a long and bumpy road. It was originally intended to be a Lineage-style action MMORPG for PC and mobile. However, the project was turned around and became a classic action RPG like Blade & Soul or Black Desert.
  • After many rumours, Riot Games confirmed a while ago that the company is actually working on its own MMORPG. The setting is set in the League of Legends universe, Runeterra. Accordingly, the champions from LoL will also appear there. However, there is not much information about the gameplay and other content yet.
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In the current podcast episode, Alex, Schuhmann and Benedict present these games and talk about their special features and estimated release dates.

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