The Cube: Tinkerers wrap PC cases with colorful Lego bricks

The Cube: Tinkerers wrap PC cases with colorful Lego bricks

from Valentin Sattler
The Twitter user @thinktheatre was apparently too bored with his case, so he provided it with colorful Lego bricks. This resulted in the colourful, wildly designed “The Cube”.

Clamping blocks, such as those made by Lego, invite you to do handicrafts thanks to their many possibilities. And so not only handsome models are created, but now and then further projects such as a minicomputer in a terminal block. A current case of nerdy terminal block creativity comes from Twitter user @thinktheatre: Apparently his PC case was too boring for him, so he quickly decorated it with the colorful stones.

Gaming PC in Lego guise

For this purpose, an unspecified ITX case was covered with large, black base plates, so that only the connections, the air inlets and a small viewing window remained free. @thinktheater then provided these plates with stones and additional elements that were differently colored in sections, so that the housing was wrapped in a colorful and wildly designed terminal block structure.

On the front of the PC, there were also some stones with imprints or stickers. In addition to a yellow plate with the inscription “Computer” there is also a red brick with the eponymous “The Cube” sticker. Underneath there is another section, apparently self-made, in which the hardware of the PC is listed.

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There were apparently no changes to the inner workings of the PC used as a result of the conversion: The housing called “The Cube” contains standard components such as a water-cooled AMD Ryzen 5700X with 32 GB and a Radeon RX 6700 XT. For this reason, the project has now also been taken up by AMD: The company has the corresponding images via the Ryzen account shared on Twitter.

Source: via PC Games N