Xbox Series X/S will soon boot 5 seconds faster

Xbox Series X/S will soon boot 5 seconds faster

Booting from Xbox Series X/S consoles gets a small boost.

That shows the latest update for the consoles, which is now available for Xbox Insiders.

Five seconds faster

The console boot process was therefore shortened by around five seconds, which is achieved by shortening the boot animation when the console starts.

The shorter boot animation, which according to Microsoft’s Josh Munsee takes around four seconds instead of nine seconds, shortens the entire console boot process.

Of course, this only applies to the cold start of the console if it is not in standby mode. By shortening the boot process, it will only take around 15 seconds in the future.

Another good reason to skip the power-consuming standby mode and simply turn off the console completely when you don’t need it.

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