Trick in Destiny 2 boosts Solstice progression for more characters – Use it before it gets fixed

Trick in Destiny 2 boosts Solstice progression for more characters - Use it before it gets fixed

It’s currently easier than ever to get armor with really good stats in Destiny 2. The Solstice event makes it possible. Unfortunately, Bungie 2022 also eliminated one thing, namely the bonus progression for the 2nd and 3rd characters of the Guardians. However, MeinMMO knows a trick that you can use to get this advantage back.

Why does 2022 have to be tricked? Grinding the Destiny 2 Solstice event has always been challenging. There are always many tasks to be completed there so that at the end you can equip your armor with the unique glow.

In 2022 there is even the additional possibility of earning the solstice armor with really high values ​​in order to specifically bring your build to the maximum.

Sounds tempting, but disappointingly, in 2022 Bungie also got rid of bonus progression. This is especially bitter for players with multiple characters. It was precisely this practical solstice bonus progress that made it easier and easier to activate the glow on your other characters as well.

During the solstice of 2022, the tower blooms.

However, if you want to equip your alternative second or third character with the armor glow and the best god-roll armor in 2022, you have the full complete program of grind in front of you.

  • The Guardians must always complete all 24 Solstice Challenges per character in 2022.
  • So with 3 characters, that would be a grindy 72 tasks for a Guardian to complete during the event period from July 19th to August 9th, 2022.
  • In addition, there are also 25 Gambit and Crucible matches to be passed per character.

This is how you easily get the bonus progress back

resourceful keepers, like Paul Tassi from forbes, however, found out that there is still a trick how to bring back the practical bonus progression from previous years. And without doing all 24 challenges over and over again.

If you want to benefit from this trick, you only have to do the following:

  • Step 1: First, complete all of the Solstice Challenges in the new Event Pass on one character.
    • That’s 24 quests in total, and you get a fuel each time you complete a challenge. You absolutely need this if you want to optimally improve your armor.
  • Once you have done all this, the character’s armor will glow white and from now on you can also optimally upgrade the armor’s values ​​in order to re-roll their maximum values.
  • Step 2: In order to transfer the progress to your second and third character, you now push the still “unplayed” armor onto this finished character and boost it there three times with silver ash.
    • Silver Sprigs and Ashes are account-wide so you can farm them and easily use them on your other characters.

Who can use this bonus benefit effectively? Since you can use this trick to quickly boost second and third characters without having to farm fuel for it once, it is primarily aimed at guardians who are not just playing one character in Destiny 2.

Experienced players in Destiny 2 often level and play all three classes, i.e. warlock, titan and hunter. This keeps all options open in the endgame. If, for example, the hunter is not the right choice, then the Warlock or Titan is switched to. But this also requires all three characters to be leveled, including in the Solstice event. This is where this little trick comes in handy.

Like every year, Eva is hosting the Solstice event – should she perhaps retire?

The trick still works, but you should be quick: Apparently, Destiny 2 doesn’t currently realize that the armor you’re upgrading is actually from a different class. Bungie also hasn’t announced that this is a known bug that they plan to fix in future updates.

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However, it cannot be ruled out that this will change. If you want to use the trick, then you should start using it right away.

Does it have a downside? Yes, the trick actually has a small disadvantage. While you can use this method to transfer armor progression to your other characters, this does not apply to the armor’s cosmetic white glow effect. You really only get that for the second and third character if you go through the full program there as well, master the 24 challenges and pick up every fuel.

Ever wondered where the bonus progression went in 2022? And can this trick encourage you to draw your second and third characters? Or do you only play a keeper in Destiny 2 because the grind is enough for you? Tell us and our readers in the comments.

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