From 69 cents in the PS Store: With this game you can get the platinum without playing yourself

You can get this platinum without holding the pad in your hand.

You can get this platinum without holding the pad in your hand.

Do you want to satisfy your platinum hunger with a new trophy? It really doesn’t get much easier than with this game, because if you have an ordinary rubber band, you can simply put the controller down for 10 minutes, treat yourself to a coffee and bag the trophy on the side. In addition, the whole thing is almost a gift. With PS Plus (Essential is enough), the game you need for it costs just 69 cents.

This is how you get the platinum in 10 minutes

It’s all about this: The big summer sale is currently underway in the PlayStation Store. You can get some games cheaper there that you can have a lot of fun with for hours, but also games that have other advantages – like Funny Truck. The game costs you 89 cents in the sale if you don’t have a PS Plus subscription, with the subscription you get it 20 cents cheaper.

The offer runs until August 4th. But don’t worry: If you miss the date, you can still strike for just under a euro.

This is Funny Truck.

This is Funny Truck.

What is Funny Truck? The description in the store only says the following about it:

Throw annoying people out of your truck. Collect points.

And that’s exactly what it is. In the visually unappealing game we drive a truck with people on the loading area. If we turn around, they fall out. A counter counts how many people we’ve kicked out, or how many points we’ve received – and all trophies are based on that.

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Here are recommended games in the PS Sale that you should not only play for the trophies:

If you want more easy platinum trophies that are also fun, here are some good games for you:

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Basic platinum trophies

14 PS4 games that will make it easy for you

A ridiculous trick: If you don’t feel like jetting around with the truck yourself, but would like to get your hands on the Platin, there’s good news: The truck is easily steered with the stick, without having to step on the gas. If you now take a rubber band, for example a hair tie, you can easily wrap it around the two attachment sticks so that they point to the middle of the controller. Then the truck turns in circles all by itself and the people fly.

It shouldn’t even take 10 minutes until you’ve collected enough points for the platinum trophy. You have to decide for yourself whether the cents are worth it to you and whether you want to be proud of this trophy.

Do you get games like Funny Truck just for going platinum, or do you prefer to fight hard for your trophies?