Hogwarts Legacy: Has the official art book leaked the release date?

on Reddit is a picture of one Art Book to Hogwarts legacy surfaced. on AmazonUK this can already be pre-ordered. According to the retailer, the book is due on December 6, 2022 appear. The Reddit user ZombieEmergency4391 assumes it together appear with the gamet.

Is this the Hogwarts Legacy release date?

ZombieEmergency4391a Reddit user, wrote in a post Screenshot from Amazon UK released. On it you can see: a Art Book with the name “The Art and Making of Hogwarts Legacy: Exploring the Unwritten Wizarding World” to the upcoming action role-playing game by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. The book can already be there preordered and will appear on December 6, 2022 according to the online retailer.

The user assumes that the book will appear with the game. A release date for Hogwarts Legacy is not yet known. It could be here though leaked have been. He himself says:

“Amazon UK has scheduled the Hogwarts Legacy Art Book for December 6th, 2022. That doesn’t confirm anything, but it’s possible that the art book and the game itself will be released on the same day. Hopefully.”

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It’s unlikely that book before the game is published. If the date is right, the game could by this date at the latest appear.

Reddit users are puzzled

The comments below the post discuss heavily around the theory that the game could also appear in early December 2022. Some Amazon sites (e.g. Amazon US) still have a date for the art book Placeholder in the form of December 31, 2022. This was the same on the UK page before the change.

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The user MJuniorDC9 also writes: “Aside from the fact that Tuesday is not an uncommon day for game releases, WBIE has often released games on a Tuesday in the past.” Other users too support the thesis from the originator of the post. So it remains exciting when the game will actually appear. Maybe this post already has brought light into the darkness.


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