PlayStation VR2: Sony unveils pass-through view with new features

A release of the new virtual reality headset is still pending, but has Sony now a first insight into the new features the Playstation VR2 granted.

in one blog entry the Japanese group presents new functions of the PS VR2 for the first time, which user experience more exciting and practical. Especially the culvert view as well as the various transfer options are in focus here.

What’s new in PS VR2: pass-through view and broadcast function

In the MetaQuest (formerly Oculus Quest) already existed for a long time, now Sony has also upgraded it with the See-Through View. The pass-through view also allows it to see the surroundings with the VR headset on.

Thanks one integrated function key on the headset or via that control center can the Activate front camera, so that the entire environment is visible. This is useful in that, for example, the Make controllers easier to find without having to take off the VR glasses. However, there is no recording function in this view.

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Also the play area can be set using the built-in front cameras and Sense controllers. For this he will room scanned and using the controllers are the Limits of the play area drawn. These can subsequently at any time edited and readjusted will.

Another innovation is the transfer function. However, this is only possible if a PS5 HD Camera is available. If this is connected to the console, you can use your own Reactions and movements filmed and transmitted during the game will.

The different modes of the PlayStation VR2

The normal one is when playing VR titles VR mode active. This enables a 360-degree view with a resolution of 4000 x 2040 and a frame rate of 90 Hz or 120 Hz.

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But there is also one Cinema mode. On a virtual cinema screen can thus Transfer films, series or even non-VR games will. The content is displayed in HDR format and has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 and 24/60 Hz with a frame rate of 120 Hz.

According to their own statements, the Release with more than 20 games take place. According to the blog entry “soon”, we will find out when that will be and which games will ultimately be part of it.

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