Netflix and Co.: Our streaming tips for August 2022

Disney+: She-Hulk: The Lawyer

Netflix is ​​once again the streaming top dog in August 2022. No other platform offers more of its own productions. If there is any competition, then it is in series production at all. But there is a lot to do here, among other things Raised by Wolves Season 2 (4 Aug, Sky/Wow), Locke & Key Season 3 (August 10, Netflix) i am groot (August 10, Disney+) Resident Alien Season 2B (Aug. 11 Sky/Wow) Tekken: Bloodline (August 18, Netflix) and The Walking Dead Season 11A (22 Aug, Netflix & Amazon Prime). In terms of film technology, a mixture of in-house productions and acquisitions is required, among other things Lightyear (3 Aug, Disney+) The Hunger Games (All Parts) (5 Aug, Amazon Prime), prey (August 5, Disney+) Annabelle comes Home (August 7, Amazon Prime) and Dayshift (August 12, Netflix). We are also particularly excited about the following titles:

Cafe Minamdang (August 1, Netflix)

Disney+: The series She-Hulk: The Lawyer is not that serious.

Credit: Marvel/Disney

Netflix has a knack for series from southern Croatia, which Squid Game has proven not least. Café Minamdang is set to be the next hit for K series fans. The series follows detective Han Jae-Hui on the trail of a former colleague. He now earns his money as a shaman and fraudster. But what does the shaman have to do with the mysterious Café Minamdang, where shady characters hang out?

The Sandman (August 5, Netflix)

Author Neil Gaiman’s template showed a generation of comic book readers just how challenging comics and graphic novels can be. Gaiman helped develop the adaptation so that the Netflix series could also be implemented according to his wishes. Sandman is about Dream, the incarnation of all dreams and nightmares. After living in captivity for decades, he now returns to his old kingdom to set it right.

The Sandman: New Netflix trailer shows spectacular worlds of comic conversion

She-Hulk: The Lawyer (August 17, Disney+)

Half smart lawyer, half destructive force of nature: This is the life of lawyer Jennifer Walters. As Hulk Bruce Banner’s cousin, she suffers from the same problems as the scientist: she, too, keeps turning into a green battle colossus. The Marvel series She-Hulk reveals how this can be reconciled with her work as a lawyer. The first trailers show: As in the comics, the series will not be too serious.

House of the Dragon (22 August, Sky/Wow)

Sky/Wow: House of the Dragon

Sky/Wow: House of the Dragon tells the prequel to Game of Thrones.

Credit: HBO/Sky

This spin-off series, in which author George RR Martin was also involved, wants to tell the prequel to Game of Thrones. The focus is on the House of Targaryen, which conquered the continent of Westeros with the help of its dragons. But the golden age of the dynasty seems to be over. A civil war is looming, which will also pit the members of the House of Dragons against each other.

Andor (August 31, Disney+)

Little is known about the next Star Wars series set to launch on Disney+. The rebel spy Cassian Andor, known from Rogue One, takes on the leading role this time. The series, which is believed to be a prequel to Rogue One, sees him working for the rebels. A first trailer reveals a very different picture of the Star Wars galaxy. In contrast to the past series, it will probably be a lot darker and more mature here. Will you watch any of the series mentioned?

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