GTA 6: Initially planned with 3 cities and 4 characters

GTA 6: Initially planned with 3 cities and 4 characters

Initial plans for Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto 6 appeared to be extremely ambitious.

After this week’s new report said there would be two main characters – including a woman for the first time – more information about the beginnings of the project has now followed.

Big, bigger, GTA 6

Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier had previously hinted that Rockstar’s initial plans for GTA 6 were much more ambitious, involving “large parts of North and South America”.

Axios’ Stephen Totilo brings his own source into play in relation to this and states that four characters and three cities were originally planned for GTA 6.

More news about Grand Theft Auto 6:

The limitation to two characters and one city speaks for clear limitations during development.

But: According to Schreier, the game should evolve and grow over time. So is it conceivable that this early planned content just comes later? We don’t currently have any concrete answers.

In any case, the development of Grand Theft Auto 6 is in full swing. However, it remains unclear when this can be expected. According to Bloomberg, it will take several more years.

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