Can you spot 15 MMORPGs from just one screenshot? Try our quiz

WoW Bastion Draenei Sad titel title 1280x720

Are you a real MMORPG expert and want to put your knowledge to the test? Test yourself in our quiz and tell us which game you see on the screenshot.

Even though MMORPGs tend to be the games that demand the most time from you, there are many genre lovers who play some of them at the same time. A few of you have probably tried hundreds of MMORPGs over the years and seen them from the inside. You feel comfortable and at home in the whole genre or are still looking for the MMORPG that suits you.

As a result, many enthusiasts know the world of online role-playing games in an exemplary manner and have accumulated a wealth of knowledge about them, but are you one of the true MMORPG experts? Try our quiz and tell us which game you see on the screenshot.

How the quiz works: In the quiz in the box below you will find a total of 15 screenshots from various MMORPGs. There are a few very well-known titles and some games that only true experts should really recognize. But you always see a shot directly from the game itself.

Based on this one picture you have to tell us which game you are actually seeing. You have given 5 possible answers to each question. At the end of the quiz you will receive an evaluation based on how many MMORPGs you correctly identified.

Some of the screenshots show titles that you may not have heard before. We also included a few particularly nasty pictures. Try your luck, analyze the pictures carefully and maybe it will be enough for the MMORPG god.

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Have fun with the quiz!

Can you spot 15 MMORPGs from just one screenshot? Try our quiz


New World character disappointed

In any case, you already have some experience in MMORPGs and are probably familiar with the terms Azeroth, Aeternum and Arkesia. But if you go deeper, you still have a lot to learn before you can become an MMORPG expert. You don’t yet know what DKP, Legion Raids and Gearscore are all about, but that can still happen. You are on the right track to soon recognizing each of our games with ease.


Guild Wars 2 Berserk Torch

You have certainly had many experiences in MMORPGs and seen some places. You know your way around and are probably the one in your circle of friends who introduces the latest MMORPGs to the others. You haven’t seen them all yet, but you’re enthusiastic about the genre and have what it takes to become a real MMORPG expert in the future. With the symbolic torch in your hands, you are always ready to break into new (MMORPG) worlds and don’t shy away from any game, respect!


Final Fantasy XIV Sage

This quiz was easy for you. You’ve probably been wondering all the time when the really difficult questions will come, because nobody can fool you that easily. You’ve seen most MMORPGs from the inside, know their strengths and weaknesses, and have maxed-level characters in all of them. Nothing can scare you anymore, you have seen (almost) everything and killed almost every boss. You can truly call yourself an MMORPG expert!


lost ark omen warrior

Sorry, this quiz seemed to be an insult to your MMORPG knowledge. Absolutely no one fools you when it comes to your favorite genre. You’ve found every Mokoko Seed in Arkesia and know by heart where to find every lump of Iron Ore in Aeternum. You are much more than just an expert, you are an MMORPG god! With ease and without thinking, you could beat this quiz in minutes, and it wasn’t even remotely a Mythic+ encounter for you. We tip our imaginary hat to you!

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Share your results:

How many of the screenshots did you recognize correctly? Were they all easy for you, or did you break a sweat over a few titles? Feel free to tell us in the comments what result you were able to achieve and how you found the quiz in general.

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