Malenia Cosplay from Elden Ring is every player’s nemesis

Malenia Cosplay from Elden Ring is every player's nemesis

Elden ring hadn’t appeared two weeks before it had Malenia already made it into the Olympus of the heaviest From Software bosses: The red-haired Valkyrie, who is waiting for you at the foot of the Haligbaum, is an insurmountable hurdle for many players – with the exception of the naked and legendary hero Let Me Solo Her, of course.

With her healing from attacks as well as her infamous Waterfowl Dancewhich can bring your life to 0 in seconds, definitely puts them in a league with other late-game bosses From Softwares Repertoire. So it’s no surprise that some streamers take as many as 3000 tries for Malenia and players come up with insane methods to win the battle against her.

Elden Ring: Malenia Cosplay is battle ready

Such strength inspires respect, which is why Malenia is one of their favorites for many players favorite bosses has become and honor the swordswoman accordingly – for example with a detailed and impressive Cosplay. Hobby seamstress Glittering-Put-7733 also showcased her version of Malenia on Reddit, with which she even won a prize at a convention.

Anyone who looks at the photo of the cosplay quickly understands why: alone golden helmet and the prosthetic arm of the same color are expertly crafted and match the Valkyrie from Elden Ring down to the hair, as does the red wig. The red cape with fur collar and the hopefully harmless blade do the rest and really complete it authentic costume.

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More armed cosplays

Of course, Elden Rings Malenia isn’t the only cosplay candidate to take up sword or other weapons to live up to the original. This cosplay of Princess Zelda from Twilight Princess, for example, already has that master sword in the hands, even if they end up giving it to the dumb hero link will hand over.