The editors are looking forward to this in… August 2022 – News

The editors are looking forward to this in... August 2022 - News


It’s that time again, Gamescom is taking place! But that’s not all the GG editorial team is looking forward to in August 2022. Here you will find all the tips, big and small.

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Jorg Langer
[FILME/SERIEN] The final of Better Call Saul is actually everything that interests me in August. And after Heinrich raved about it (currently raves), I’ll probably watch the series King of Stonks look at.

[SPIELE/BRETTSPIELE] I don’t have to anticipate what my colleagues will probably write below (hihi, I’m the last contributor this time, so I already know what they write). But of course August 2022 is not the great month for games. Nevertheless, in Two Point Campus as in Saint’s Row I’ll definitely take a look, from the genre I should hard west 2 lie best.

[SONSTIGES] I’m looking forward to the Gamescom? That is a difficult question, and I shall now do my best to answer it. In any case, I’m always happy when Gamescom is over, I can say that. I’m definitely happy about the idea of ​​Gamescom, i.e. having games presented on a large scale, meeting industry contacts and colleagues. Maybe to experience one or the other highlight. But what about the journey and the hectic goose-stepping down the aisles and through the halls? I’m not really looking forward to that. Whereby: Once I’m there, the days last 30 minutes, and after a maximum of two of them, this year’s Gamescom is already over for GamersGlobal.

Dennis Hilla
[FILME/SERIEN] On August 16th the final episode of Better Call Saul at the start. While my wife and I could weave our way from week to week, we mutually appealed and decided to just go through with it. Until then, the complete rewatch of StrangerThings also be through. With things that I watch alone, on the other hand, I slipped back into an anime phase. After the entertaining and somehow unfamiliar food wars stands up to date Jujutsu Kaisen on the plan, which is simply fantastic. A must visit to the cinema is also that Bundt cake squadron. Eberhofer just always works.

[SPIELE/BRETTSPIELE] No, I won’t complain that there are hardly any highlights in August. Instead, I’m already planning my own cult around a little lamb in my head. Because after my preview Cult of the Lamb I’m definitely hooked, even if I still have a few question marks in my head. But that doesn’t change the anticipation. Saints Row Didn’t completely excite me in the co-op session with Hagen, but it was fun enough to look forward to. Wacky open-world action, that’ll be at least fine. And as Bloodborne– Of course I have to be an apologist Thymesia to name. Hopefully this will be good.

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[SONSTIGES] shalalala, Gamescom is only once a year! Well, looking back at the last few years, that’s not entirely true, but the fair will take place again in 2022 and I’m really in the mood. Sweating, rushing, far too many working hours and many familiar faces, banging sessions and Hagen, who is crouching in the corner in an embryonic position because he is not aware of the stress. Sounds funny, but that’s how it is. Apart from that, Backstage in Munich is Free and Easy. Free play there among others Cattle decapitation, Rings of Saturn, pentagram, Gwar, misery index and cataclysm. Let’s see what I can effectively do with it.

Benjamin Brown
[FILME/SERIEN] As usual, my desire to be up-to-date with films or series by hook or by crook is limited. In The Sandman and echoes I’ll definitely check it out on Netflix. But really irritating, also, since I was in the cinema for the last time for the latest Bond film, would actually only bullet train – and yes, I know that it started in Germany at the end of July. Chances are, as is often the case, that the trailer is better than the movie, but after the amazing Deadpool 2 I have to direct David Leitch simply trust a funny action film that is best seen on the big screen.

[SPIELE/BRETTSPIELE] In August we rarely expect top titles. So it’s good that the Gamescom takes place again and at least the watching of upcoming potential highlights can compensate for that. I’m really looking forward to three games. With a preview version of Arcade Paradise Contrary to my fears, I had some fun and I’m really keen to gradually turn my laundromat into a slot machine gambling den. I’m looking forward to that too F1 Managers 2022, although I’m not sure yet if I might end up missing driving myself too much. But I’m looking forward to it the most Saints Row. I just really like the series and open-world action with lots of explosions, stupid skills and weapons is always possible (with a fan) even at over 30 degrees in the shade.

[SONSTIGES] Last but not least, I am of course looking forward to the Bundesliga getting underway again in August. After last season, as an FC supporter, you simply have to be confident that the club has finally initiated the long-awaited positive development. Whether it will be an international place again in the end doesn’t really matter to me at first. It’s important that we perform better and more consistently than last season – and knock out the rancid foals twice (or even three times if they also meet in the cup). And of course I’m really looking forward to it Gamescombut that’s so obvious that I don’t even have to mention it.

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Hagen Gehritz
[FILME/SERIEN] Of the new releases everywhere, nothing appeals to me directly, so there’s time for things that have been postponed! That’s how I liked the manga back then Vinland Saga read, but then paused because it was not foreseeable whether it would also become an endless series. I prefer the beginning of the story about Torfinn, who joins the Viking team of his father’s murderer, to be in anime form. Also, I’ve got some beautifully exaggerated scenes from theboys seen and whetted our appetite for the brutal superhero satire.

[SPIELE/BRETTSPIELE] With a roguelite, the motivation for further runs is important to me. I like having a story rather than just getting ahead for the sake of getting ahead. Finding more members for your own cult, collecting stuff to expand my place of worship and tracking down enemy god-apostles to slaughter – these are excellent incentives for me! In addition, there is the comic look that mixes the cute and the horrible Cult of the Lamb very attractive to me. Speaking of attractive: Have you checked out Dennis’ blue, muscular mustache at the beginning of my preview video Saints Row taken to heart in its naked glory? I do, when editing the video – I don’t recommend it. On the other hand, the mix of tried-and-tested sandbox options with action-packed mission design and a fine blend of satire and sledgehammer humor when playing was much more attractive than when it was announced. So I’m looking forward to the return of the Saints!

[SONSTIGES] Unsurprisingly I am more than just excited about my first professional Gamescom (after almost three years as a full-time member of the video game journalist clan – thanks, Corona!), what I will see there and what impressions I take away from the trade fair as a whole.

Karsten Scholz
[FILME/SERIEN] We currently prefer to watch Disney Plus and WOW (formerly Sky Ticket). This will probably not change in August either. The watch lists are full and with Game of Thrones: House of the Dragon, She Hulk and Andor There are several new releases that I’m looking forward to.

[SPIELE/BRETTSPIELE] In August I will use my PS Plus subscription to finally get into the new edition of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skaters 1+2 to look in. Back then, the data carriers of the originals rotated countless hours in my Playstation. As for true newcomers: up Two Point Campus I would like to. I like the humor of hospital-predecessor, and such a chilled development game would be a great antithesis to the currently quite stressful everyday work. Apropos: As far as building is concerned, it could also Farthest Frontier be a good choice. I liked the medieval city builder gameplay shown so far. Otherwise, I still have the Soulslike Thymesia on the note, which appeals to me thanks to the art design and the snappy combat Bloodborne respectively Sekiro remind.

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[Sonstiges] After a few quiet weeks, it will soon be entering the second round, the series of events for the summer of 2022. Also present: the THQ Nordic Digital Showcase on August 12, the QuakeCon from August 18 and the Gamescom from August 23rd. Otherwise we celebrate here the enrollment of the offspring, with friends and family. It’s going to be great.

Michael Stallion
[FILME/SERIEN] I know, I know. We all have game of Thrones after season 5 cursed, bitched and witnessed the decline of the once so furious fantasy spectacle live and in color. Nevertheless, I give the prequel that will be released on August 21st on the pay channel HBO House of the Dragon a chance. Just because of dr Who-Legend MattSmith as Targaryen Prince. Also, I’m looking forward to bullet train. What could possibly go wrong? A great cast and an interesting story about five hit men on board a high-speed train – an explosive recipe. The trailer was promising. Last but not least, the TV adaptation of the ingenious Neil Gaiman-cult classic The Sandman not missing. Tom Sturridge could turn out to be a top cast for the part of Dream. However, my personal favorite is Kirby Howell-Baptiste as Death. Dear Netflix friends: Please don’t mess that up!

[SPIELE/BRETTSPIELE] games? In August? I’ll go with you Xenoblade Chronicles 3 and Digimon Survive being busy. In addition, after a two-year break, the Gamescom on the program. The only game that really excites me in August is the one coming out on August 16th Blossom Tales 2: The Minotaur Prince. I’ll get that for the Switch and have something for the long train ride. Already the first part inspired me, but unfortunately the zeldaesque game was over after almost 10 hours.

[SONSTIGES] I will hardly be able to read this month either. Too many work commitments and did I mention Xenoblade Chronicles 3? But at the end of August the second mammoth anthology of the Astro Cityseries – a small heavyweight with almost 500 pages. This is not only mandatory for collectors. If you don’t know the series: the Astro City series Kurt Busiek is just awesome. The superhero series was originally planned as a six-volume mini-plot, but by 1997 the adventures were appearing monthly and over the years spin-offs like The Dark Age or Shining Stars. Class!