Steam update: Playable with Nintendo’s SNES or N64 controller

Steam update: Playable with Nintendo's SNES or N64 controller

from Norman Wittkopf
The reissues of Nintendo’s classic console gamepads can now also be used when playing games on Steam. There are also further improvements due to the latest update.

The latest client update of Valve’s gaming platform Steam from July 27th brings official support for the controller reissues of NES, SNES, N64 and SEGA Mega Drive originally released for the Nintendo Switch as well as support for other input devices, including the joysticks Qanba Obsidian and Dragon Arcade and the HORI Fighting Stick Mini 4.

Anyone who does not yet own the classic Nintendo gamepads and would like to buy one is currently in bad shape, as the Nintendo Store is due to from ongoing maintenance work currently cannot be used as usual and the controllers can only be bought there exclusively for Nintendo’s online subscribers.

Further changes

Meanwhile, the most recent client update for Steam on July 27th brought various bug fixes and other changes with it, which the following changelog provides.


  • Fixed chat and web browser resource usage in steam overlay when hidden.
  • Fixed playing certain game preview videos in the Steam client.
  • Fixed a case where Steamworks API calls would be momentarily blocked by Steam client log file operations. which could lead to micro-stuttering in some games under very specific situations.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Steam overlay not to work with Vulkan 1.3 applications.
  • Fixed crashes on Vulkan games with VK_EXT_graphics_pipeline_library.

Steam cloud

  • Fixed an issue resulting in some users being unable to turn off cloud syncing for their account.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the app launch to be blocked when there were sync conflicts but cloud sync was disabled for the game or account.
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Steam input

  • Added support for Nintendo Online Classic controllers.
  • Added support for the Qanba Obsidian and Dragon Arcade joysticks.
  • Added support for the HORI Fighting Stick Mini 4.
  • Show firmware update dialog for DualSense(tm) wireless controllers on Windows.
  • Improved rumble emulation enabled on DualSense(tm) wireless controllers with updated firmware.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the “Your other games” section in the desktop version of the configurator to not show any results.
  • Fixed incorrect controller configuration loading when starting a remote play stream.

remote play

  • Fixed incorrect display of Steam Cloud Sync Failure for remote games.


  • Fixed chat and browser resource consumption when the Steam client is minimized/closed [macOS/Linux].
  • Fixed: Steam overlay not showing in some metal games [macOS].
  • Fixed Steam Overlay “Force Quit” not working on some native Linux games [Linux].
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some games from creating desktop shortcuts [Linux].
  • Fixed Steam client split lock warnings [Linux].

Source: Steam