Professional athlete gambles so much that he throws bad passes

Kyler Murray between football and controller

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Star quarterback Kyler Murray plays too much Call of Duty, that’s a well-known fact. But calculations now show he plays worse football after gambling.

Glendale, Arizona – When a game engages the player, it’s easy to lose track of time while playing. Other projects then like to move a little further down the priority list. That’s apparently the case with star quarterback Kyler Murray as well. He is a self-confessed Call of Duty fan and even plays the popular Activision shooter so excessively that playing is said to have an effect on his football performance. But his team wants to take action.

Too many Call of Duty: Pro Athlete gets “No CoD” contract

It’s all about this superstar: Kyler Murray is quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals, so the star player. The teams scramble for him, which earns him millions. He lives the American Dream. When he’s not excelling at football, he’s a passionate gambler, and that always gets him into trouble.

Call of Duty instead of NFL: Targeting professional athletes because he gambles too much © dpa/Marcio Jose Sanchez/unsplash (Montage)

This is the No CoD contract: His team renewed Kyler Murray’s contract in 2022 for a whopping $230.5 million. But the contract, which runs until 2028, has an unusual clause: Murray is not allowed to play Call of Duty when homework is due.

  • Homework stands for Tranig and analyzes of matches and moves.
  • Kyler Murray has already attracted attention through CoD gambling in the past: he left a championship party early because he wanted to play Call of Duty.
  • Professional contracts often have strange special clauses:

    After joining the Los Angeles Rams, Eric Reddle had it written that he got a big sundae after every game.

    The Dallas Cowboys included a clause in the contract with wide receiver Dez Bryant that prohibited him from drinking alcohol or going to a strip club.
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The curious contract caught the interest of the fans. They have now analyzed that there is a connection between Murray’s performance and Call of Duty – unfortunately to the detriment of the professional athlete.

Too much Call of Duty: Professional athlete plays worse because he dabbles in CoD

This was analyzed: A very observant quarterback fan now noticed that his performances on the field can actually be linked to CoD. Kyler Murray seems to be pushing the shooter hard when it comes to XP. Because after every double XP weekend, Murray’s performance was demonstrably worse. Among other things, his pass rate decreased and his team even lost more games after the XP weekends. The exact analysis can be found on Reddit:

And that’s not an isolated case, because soccer professional Mesut Özil was also accused of his poor performance coming from too much gambling. But he sees the whole thing a little more relaxed, because Mesut Özil is aiming for an e-sports career after his time as a footballer.

ESPN says: Reporters from ESPN, a well-known sports news network in the US, picked up the analyses. They say they’ll pull out the stats every time the Arizona Cardinals have a bad game. So beware, Kyler Murray, the PlayStation may need to be running in Incognito mode.

Arizona Cardinals remove clause: However, the criticism of the controversial CoD clause was so loud that the team decided to delete it again, as the franchise reports. The Cardinals explain that they naturally trust their quarterback and that this should also be reflected in the contract.

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