Game of Thrones: Hafthor “Gregor Clegane” Björnsson mourns the end of Season 9

Welcome to Westeros!  according to dr  Who's too much sex in House of the Dragon (1)

from Philip Sattler
Hafthor Björnsson was not only the strongest man in the world and with his impressive stature he embodied the character Cregor “The Mountain” Clegane in Game of Thrones. He is now also a successful Twitch streamer. In one of his most recent appearances, he mourned an alleged 9th season of the hit series GoT.

Hardly any series in the past decade has been as successful as Game of Thrones. In eight seasons we experienced the battle for the Iron Throne of Westeros, as well as the encounter between humans and the White Walkers. Unfortunately, hardly any series had such an unsatisfactory ending for many viewers. After the eighth and last season, many former fans hardly gave the series a good hair and gave the two producers Benioff and Weiss the buck.

The ending was rushed, had too many twists and turns too fast and hardly any space for logical character development. Many fans are therefore currently pinning their hopes on the spin-off House of Dragon, which will be broadcast from August 21, 2022. Others continue to mourn the mother series.