MontanaBlack visits fan with a difficult fate – SternTV wants to contribute to it

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MontanaBlack is considered a Twitch bad boy, but his heart is in the right place. With an action for an alcohol-damaged teenager, he will soon be on television.

Buxtehude – You can think what you want of MontanaBlack, but he is a man of principles. The Twitch streamer regularly makes headlines with his charitable causes, and once he promises something, he keeps his word. In July he had already reacted to a video about alcohol damage during pregnancy and offered his help to a boy. Now he wants to visit the boy – which also draws attention to television.

MontanaBlack: After reacting to a SternTV report – the streamer wants to fulfill boy’s wishes

This happened: As early as July, MontanaBlack reacted to a SternTV report in its live stream with its fans. The central theme of this was children and young people who had suffered health damage from their mother’s alcohol consumption before they were born. The streamer and his community were particularly impressed by the case of a boy named Benjamin, who were all particularly impressed by his adult way of dealing with his circumstances. So MontanaBlack reached out to Benjamin personally on the livestream.

Monte wanted to please the boy: After hearing Benjamin’s story, Monte said he’d like to grant the boy one wish, no matter what it might be. It looks like the two have actually been able to connect, because on the Aug. 12 stream, Marcel “MontanaBlack” told Eris that he got a few wishes from Benjamin and that he wants to visit him in Berlin soon. The visit is also the reason why Monte will not be attending the indoor soccer tournament hosted by the 2022 Youth Word Choice “maker” and influencer, EliasN97.

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MontanaBlack: Visiting Benjamin should be on TV – SternTV makes a contribution

Soon the whole thing will go to SternTV: The whole action was initiated by the editors of SternTV, among others. After all, MontanaBlack himself has had contact with the star, where he once appeared on the show. The RTL program apparently also wants to make a contribution about the meeting between Benjamin and the streamer and then invite the latter to the studio. MontanaBlack has not revealed exactly what wishes Benjamin expressed – it is also not yet known when the contribution would be broadcast on SternTV.

MontanaBlack visits fan with a difficult fate – SternTV wants to contribute to it

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MontanaBlack believes in the good in its community: For Monte, the visit to Benjamin and SternTV is far from just a marketing campaign. It is particularly important for the streamer to campaign publicly and actively against bullying. He further said: “If I come out there as someone who also has a particularly strong influence on youth, then that’s something I take to heartIt is one thing for parents to knowingly or unknowingly drink alcohol during pregnancy. The fact that these children then have to struggle with bullying at school, although they can’t help it, clearly goes against MontanaBlack.

It’s not the first time Marcel Eris has used his reach to make a positive impact. Just a few months ago, MontanaBlack and his fans took a stand against poverty when they collected donations for a young Hartz 4 recipient.

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