Stan Lee, Black Cat and more: First mods for Spider-Man on PC

Stan Lee, Black Cat and more: First mods for Spider-Man on PC

The friendly neighborhood spider has expanded her web and has not only been on the PlayStation for a few days, but finally also on the personal computer on road. The remastered port of Marvel’s Spider-Man is currently swinging easily to the top of the Steam charts and also receives unanimous approval from the gaming press, which includes our extremely positive test of the open world adventure.

Apart from graphical highlights and a paradise for option fanatics, the PC port of Spider-Man but of course another big advantage over the PlayStation version: You can play the game with mods enrich. Hobby developers have already put together numerous gimmicks that you can use to make your trip through New York even more varied.

The PC as a superhero: Spider mods as far as the eye can see

As a basis for crafting and downloading, Rockstar modder jedijosh920 on Nexus Mods has a modding tool uploaded for Spider-Man, which will probably serve as the basis for many future mods and you too installation should simplify. As he explains in the description of the tool, this allows Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered PC Modding Tool “the extraction and replacement of all assets in the game’s archives.”

Since the modding tool has only been available since today, the community has of course not been able to use it yet. Nevertheless, find yourself Nexus Mods already have some exciting mods that you can use to take your Spider-Man experience to the next level. For example, how about this mod that takes you into the thieving magpie Black Cat transformed?

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Also tempting is this mod where you are in the skin of MCU veteran Stan Lee hatch and explore the streets of New York from a different perspective. Even if the two mods mentioned do not yet have any reasonable animations, they can certainly be used to create some fun ones screenshots handcraft. And who is no longer on the second part and therefore the appearance of Venom wants to wait, he throws himself with it Symbiote Black Suit in shell!