Thymesia – test, role play

Corvus is a mix of human and Kr

Hard-hitting herbalism

The kingdom of Thymesia was once a golden gathering place for the mightiest of mages, sorcerers and herbalists – but a seemingly man-made plague swept the land with death and corruption. Most of the residents have gone mad or have turned into monstrous beasts due to a blood infection, and nothing remains of the former glory of the numerous medical achievements. However, a strict caste system still applies: while the poor people eke out an existence on the verge of madness in dark basements, the aristocratic authorities have retreated to the upper floors and in this way try to avoid the nightmares incarnate walk.

Where am I now, where do I want to go?

Corvus is a mix of human and crow, he rightly wears the mask of the plague doctor.

In the ruined, damp gardens of the philosopher, a strange being awakens from a deep sleep. His name is Corvus (Latin for raven) and he has absolutely no clue how or why he came to this mysterious place. The memories of the previous events have completely disappeared from his mind. Only that something is not at all as it should be, the strange and whimsical mixture of man and crow immediately senses that. Luckily, a young, shy creature reminiscent of a little girl is found not far from where she wakes up and introduces herself by the name of Amissa.

The first of many silent dialogues with her reveals terrible things – and Corvus must not only recover all his memories but also ensure that the kingdom of Thymesia vibrates again in harmony. With her magical powers, the young witch is able to transport Corvus to the places that have been erased from his memory. In this way it should be possible for him to put the fragments together in such a way that he can escape the amnesia he has induced. His first stop is the lower floors of Thymesia – the basements that once housed bustling and busy markets and attractions are now the domain of the insane ringmaster Odun…

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With sword and feathers

Some opponents cannot be defeated with the power of the blades, here Corvus has to look for another L

Some opponents cannot be defeated with the power of the blades, here Corvus has to look for another lung to bring the beast down.

Already after teleporting into the misty brown area dominated by wooden architecture, which evokes unpleasant memories of the town of Darkness from Dark Souls, howls, screeches and whimpers in the distance suggest that the residents are not on Corvus’ terms. Shortly after he gets up from his chair, which serves as a beacon here, and dares a few steps into the fog soup, the first enemies storm towards him. With quick slashes from his right hand, he can load up a couple of hits and wipe out part of the energy bar displayed above the attacker’s head.

The weapon skills snatched from the opponents are numerous and more and more verst

The weapon skills snatched from the opponents are numerous and – after several upgrades – extremely effective.

However, this consists of two layers in every beast: The first (white) represents the armor, and then gradually a green bar appears underneath, which stands for the actual life energy. In order to reduce these quickly and effectively, Corvus can only continue to rely on his stabbing weapon against very weak opponents. It works better with a paw hidden under his right wing and leads to useful results in the combination with the saber. So first withdraw as much white energy as is possible before the inevitable counterattack and then use the paw after a counterattack with the dagger in your left hand. In this way, Corvus takes on the smaller opponents quite easily at the beginning. But, for better or worse, there are of course numerous opponents who cannot be defeated with such simple means…

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