Diablo Immortal: Small update brings big changes!

A hack could destroy Diablo Immortal's PvP.

At noon today, those responsible for Diablo Immortal took the game offline for a few hours. about that next update to be made available for the title. Although the patch from the developers rather than “mini” called, but offers a lot of changes. Among other things, new game modes, events and updates for content are on the plan. We catch them highlights here for you together.

Kick-off for new events

In the coming days, Diablo Immortal players can look forward to a number of events, each with their own peculiarities. There would be for example Fractured Plane, which can now be gambled for a limited time. It’s your job here, overall 15 levels full of enemies to deal with with your class. The catch: You are not allowed to use your equipment and you get a preset, which can be tweaked with gear within the challenge. You can then pick up new items as a reward.

Another event that will start on August 26, 2022 is the starving moon, where you can collect Moon Shards. Already to Start of Season 3 we reported about the event. Shortly before – on August 17, 2022 – this is celebrated “Into the Dark Wood” event his debut. Here you get daily quests with different tasks that will bring you different gifts in the course – if you diligently solve the tasks.

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