WoW nerfs the most annoying dungeons and all current raids

WoW nerfs the most annoying dungeons and all current raids

A new round of nerfs in World of Warcraft is live – it has affected almost all dungeons and the raids have also become easier.

Shadowlands Season 4 has been live for over 2 weeks now, but it’s still not quite smooth. Some dungeons are still significantly harder than others and there are also problems in the raids – although they have been readjusted a few times.

With patch 9.2.7 came today (08/17/2022) more nerfs for many dungeons and raids. This should make the challenges much easier to accomplish.

What has been changed? Blizzard has again scheduled a whole series of nerfs and changes that affect almost all mythical dungeons. The affix “Covered” will be adjusted, as well as numerous abilities, which in some cases will even be completely deleted.

  • Mythical+
    • veiled
      • Nightmare Clouds will now despawn significantly faster after defeating a Nathrezim Infiltrator.
  • Grimrail Depot
    • Grimrail Engineer 50,000 Volkt cast time increased to 3.5 seconds (from 2.5 seconds).
  • iron docks
    • Storm Ripper is now only used by Grom’kar Footmen and the damage has been reduced by 35%.
    • Ogron Workers’ Thunderous Stomps now deal 25% less damage.
    • Throwing the Thunderlord Tamers now deals 25% less damage.
    • Frenzied Clefthoof health reduced by 15%.
  • Grimrail Monitor
    • Fixed a bug where enemies would not use their abilities if you tanked them in a corner of the room.
  • Return to Karazhan: Lower Area
    • Arcane Guardian Erratic Charge now deals 40% less damage.
    • Skeleton Gatekeeper’s Flash now deals 20% less damage.
    • Skeletal Gatekeepers now have 25% less Health.
    • Spectral Guest Uppercut now deals 20% less damage.
    • Phantom Stagehand’s Always Solid druff now has a 1.5 second cast time (from instant), and now increases damage taken by 25% (from 50%).
    • Fixed a bug where the Dancing Rune Weapon could hit enemies through the ground, adding them to combat.
    • The Opera Hall: The Beautiful Beast
      • Von Ruh’s Dent Armor now has a 1.5 second cast time (was spontaneous).
      • Reduced the initial damage of Silver Fork’s Bloody Slash by 20%.
    • Virtuous Maid
      • Holy Bulwark shield health reduced by 10%.
    • Attumen the hunter
      • Incorporeal Presence now deals 50% less damage.
  • Return to Karazhan: Upper Area
    • Flamebringer the Furywarden’s Cleave and Thrust deals 20% less damage.
    • Wrathguard Flamebringer no longer uses the Slide ability.
    • Medivh’s Scheme
      • Flicker from Warden’s Images deal 25% less damage.
    • Mana Devourer
      • Energy Discharge deals 30% less damage.
    • Viz’aduum the Observer
      • Shadow Ejection now deals 150% more damage, projectile speed is 100% slower, and the radius of effect has been reduced to 4 meters (from 6 meters).
  • Tazavesh: So’leah’s move
    • Invigorating Fish Stick now has a 2 second cast time (from 1.5 seconds).
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Changes to Raids

For the “fated” raids, i.e. the “fateful” raids, Blizzard has quite radical methods and simply nerfs all fights equally:

  • All enemies in Destiny Raids on Heroic and Mythic difficulty have 5% less Health.

Will that be even easier in the future? That remains to be seen, because depending on the current affix, some dungeons are particularly crisp. The Grimmgleisdepot in particular proved to be an ordeal for many groups with “Blutig” and “Bebend” due to the narrow corridors. Anyone who is currently still despairing of “Mythic+15” or “Mythic+20” should not despair.

After all, the equipment should become significantly stronger in the next few weeks when the character’s item level slowly but surely rises to the threshold of 300+. This should also make the dungeons lose some of their bite.

Do you think the nerfs are good and appropriate? Or were the dungeons way too easy before?