Cobra Kai: New trailer ahead of the start of Season 5

Cobra Kai: New trailer ahead of the start of Season 5

No breather for “Cobra Kai” fans: After the fourth season of the comedy-drama was released at the end of December 2021, it’s already going on in September fifth season further. The series, which is based on the “Karate Kid” films, was originally realized on YouTube. The show has been on since the third season Netflix found her home.

From September 9th it continues with the new episodes of the fifth season. A new trailer promises a lot of action and drama again. Although a surprise of the new season has not yet been shown in the clip.

Cobra Kai brings back old friends from LaRusso

After the outcome of the last All-Valley tournament JohnnyWilliam Zabka hung up his gi and is now on the road as an unsuccessful Uber driver. Daniel (Ralph Macchio) announces to his students that he wants to close Miyagi-Do. Meanwhile, the cunning builds Terry SilverThomas Ian Griffith his dojo empire from and John KreeseMartin Kove makes new friends in jail.

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But the War for the Valley isn’t over yet, because while Silver is building an entire army of Senseis, Daniel LaRusso enlists help from his former rival Chozen (Yuji Okumoto). But there is also rumbling among the karate students: Miguel (Xolo Mariduena) and Robby (Tanner Buchanan) can’t let their arguments rest even after Johnny’s intervention.

While the trailer again promises some twists, one important detail isn’t mentioned. Fans already know that season five of Cobra Kai brings back one of Daniel LaRusso’s particularly stubborn enemies. Actor Sean Kanan announced on Twitter in August that Mike Barnes will appear in the new episodes.

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Mike Barnes had LaRusso in Karate Kid 3 missed a particularly violent beating. However, it is not yet known which side the rowdy will take. Kanan wrote on Twitter that the people in charge of “Cobra Kai” wrote a great story for his character. So the fans have to, willy-nilly, up to September 9th waiting to find out what’s up with Mike Barnes’ showing up in the Valley.

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