Happy Birthday! The coolest WoW cinematic ever turns ten!

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from Philip Sattler
In the almost 18 years since WoW first came to the live servers, there have been countless cool cinematics to admire. The most impressive of all times for most players is currently celebrating its tenth birthday!

There’s a lot to blame for the Blizzard executives when it comes to WoW, especially over the past few years. But if there’s one thing they’ve consistently excelled at since the 2004 release, it’s the cinematics. Even the release trailer back then was breathtaking and many memorable videos followed. Whether it’s Arthas and Sindragosa, the fight between Sylvanas and Saurfang or, last but not least, the first view of the Dragon Islands. The latter might not have been as martial, but that didn’t make it any less impressive.

Choosing a favorite from this multitude of good cinematics is not that easy. However, there is one cinematic that occupies a very special place. Because it combines all the important components of WoW (buy now ) commonality. The fight Horde against Alliance, the alliance against a larger enemy, the adventurous spirit of discovery and above all the (formerly) typical Blizzard humor.