Layers of Fears – Gamescom trailer shows new story and character

Layers of Fears - Gamescom trailer shows new story and character

what is Layers of Fears? Is it now a Layers of Fear 3 or what is the “new game” by Bloober Team supposed to represent?

“Layers of Fears”, not to be confused with Layers of Fear (without s), is not a sequel to the second part. It’s a massive remake construct made from the materials that already exist.

And yes, the name is more than confusing. How did Bloober Team come up with the witty idea of ​​calling it Layers of FearS? But in the end, of course, that doesn’t matter, because the revision seems to have it all.

the gamescom 2022 offers a first look at the gameplay of the horror game. Check out the Gamescom trailer for the horror game here.

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What’s new in Layers of Fears?

What is Layers of Fears? “Layers of Fears” is a compilation of Layers of Fear and Layers of fear 2, which will also be expanded to include “new content”. So it’s a re-enactment of the existing horror media.

Layers of Fears is a remake pack, which should greatly enhance and expand the games. Therefore will be a little new story and gameplay added while the first games and DLC are thrown together.

This NASA PC has itself gronk assembled:

What’s new? This is new story chapter, written exclusively for Layers of Fears. It’s about them painter’s wifeour new playable main character!

The basic building block for the revision is the Unreal Engine 5 – and for that reason alone it looks many times better than the originals. It supports ray tracing, HDR effectsone 4K resolution and works with that Lumen exposure system by Epic Games.

New is now the gameplay for Psycho Horror Chronicle, which shows the painter’s wife. We also see the new environments and haunting elements that make the series stand out with the best graphics. A real treat for horror fans? What do you all mean?

Layers of Fears does not have a release date yet. However, the game appears in Spring 2023 for the pc, the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

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