One Piece: Manga Chapter 1058 Reveals New Straw Hat Bounties

spoiler alert

The final saga of one piece starts slowly and lets the finale of the Wa no Kuni Arc already been forgotten, as we learn new and interesting things almost constantly, including many a surprising twist. But what many fans have really been waiting for is finally in Manga Chapter 1058 arrived.

Because in the latest chapter the new Straw Hat Pirate bounties published, which has already led to lively discussions, because from a certain point of view we now have a new monster trio. If you don’t want to know about it yet, maybe because you’d rather wait for the anime takes on these topics, then it is better not to read any further.

One Piece: Manga Chapter 1058 releases the new bounties

The last few weeks have been for One Piece fans a wild ride, because at relatively short intervals Yamato surprised us with a surprising decision to in One Piece Red we learned a lot about the red-haired pirate gang, Buggy returned imposingly and an admiral was seen in action for the first time.

With all the confusion of new information, many were already satisfied the new bounty of Monkey D. Luffy to have learned that as emperor now belongs to the greatest pirates in the world, there was to the Bounties of the remaining Straw Hats hard to think of. But now that the next adventure is about to begin, curiosity finally got very big.

But the wait was worth it, because for almost all members of Luffy’s gang there was one significant leap up. Which they themselves through their use in onigashima but also well deserved. Only choppers became a victim again Running gagswho has haunted him since his first bounty.

  • Monkey D Luffy: 3,000,000,000 berries (previously: 1,500,000,000 berries)
  • Lorenor Zoro: 1,101,000,000 berries (previously: 320,000,000 berries)
  • Jinbei: 1,100,000,000 berries (previously: 438,000,000 berries)
  • Sanji Vinsmoke: 1,032,000,000 berries (previously: 330,000,000 berries)
  • Nico Robin: 930,000,000 berries (previously: 130,000,000 berries)
  • usop: 500,000,000 berries (previously: 200,000,000 berries)
  • franky: 394,000,000 berries (previously: 94,000,000 berries)
  • Brooke: 383,000,000 berries (previously: 83,000,000 berries)
  • nami: 366,000,000 berries (previously: 66,000,000 berries)
  • Tony Chopper: 1,000 Berry (previously 100 Berry)
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One Piece: A new monster trio?

Before the Wa no Kuni Arc were valid Luffy, Zoro and Sanji in one piece as the strongest fighters of the Straw Hat Pirates, which is why readers around the world nicknamed the Monster Trio have given. After all, they were always the ones the three strongest members defeated by an enemy pirate gang or organization.

Sanji, Luffy, Zoro (monster trio) from One Piece (anime), new bounties
©1999 Toei Animation Co., Ltd./Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha, Toei Animation

But now it has shifted the top 3 and Sanji just lies on fourth place in bounties. True, these are not a direct indicator of a pirate’s strength, but probably for the danger that emanates from him, and that is often strongly connected with the fighting skills. Still, the difference between 2nd and 4th place comparatively low.

Some users noticed that we might just have a Monster Quartet to have. Others, on the other hand, believe that at the level of an emperor, this can no longer be included in the calculations, because only a pirate with the same strength against such a one can anyway monster arrives That would be seen now Zoro, Jinbei and Sanji the new monster trio.