ApoRed lives in social housing after filing for bankruptcy? YouTuber MiiMii with new hints

ApoRed - Sozialwohnung

The YouTuber ApoRed whose real name is Ahmad Nadim Ahadi has repeatedly made negative headlines in recent years. There are many reasons for this and the 28-year-old already has one fine and probation in the amount of seven months.

Is ApoRed’s luxury lifestyle just fake?

In early May 2022, a YouTube video by MiiMii known that insolvency proceedings have been filed against Ahadi. A corresponding Bankruptcy Notice can be viewed online by stating the relevant date and name. Accordingly, ApoRed would be indebted and also insolvent.

we reported on May 12, 2022 about the case. ApoRed contradicted the bankruptcy allegations in a video response. In a later video it was finally said that for certain reasons he Insi mode have activated.

Apparently, ApoRed publicly has several in this video bankruptcy offenses and tax evasion admitted. The well-known lawyer also reacted to this topic a short time later Christian Solmecke inside your own YouTube video. In it, Solmecke explains what would happen to the YouTuber in the event of tax fraud.

The corresponding video from ApoRed about the so-called Insi mode is now available no longer available on YouTube.

A little later, ApoRed released a new video in which he goes into more detail as to why bankruptcy proceedings were opened against him. The reason for this was allegedly a stay in Turkey, which is why he was unable to comply with requests from his health insurance company for missed counts.

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However, the YouTuber is not insolvent or insolvent, as he himself emphasizes several times. The video is now also no longer available on ApoRed’s channel.

Finally, MiiMii released in a video dated August 10, 2022 Account statements and other sensitive data from ApoRed, which shows that it seems to be insolvent.

Sweepstakes scam?

In what is now the eighth “apology video” by YouTuber MiiMii regarding ApoRed and its numerous alleged lies, the YouTuber goes into more detail and, above all, uncovers countless other inconsistencies in the YouTuber’s dubious competitions.

Even after many months, not all winners should have received their prizes. Also, some of ApoRed’s friends and colleagues, and even himself, appear to be behind some of the companies that contributed non-cash prizes to said sweepstakes.

Overall, the structure behind these raffles seems to be quite complex. However, information in various imprints of the individual companies always leads back to ApoRed and at least leaves a stale aftertaste.

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Does ApoRed live in council housing now?

But the information that MiiMii claims to have found out about ApoRed’s current living situation is even more interesting. The apartment in which the YouTuber currently lives does not appear to have been bought (as ApoRed claims), but only rented.

On the other hand, it should be about a social housing act that ApoRed about the so-called 1. Conveyor route has been assigned. Such apartments are for people with a low income and a residence entitlement certificate intended.

According to ApoRed, the said apartment has around 100 square meters of living space. Since the monthly net cold rent for social housing in Hamburg does not exceed 6.90 euros per square meter may be, the cold rent would be less than 700 euros. However, if he lives alone, he would only get an apartment with up to 50 square meters to be entitled

In order for ApoRed to be entitled to social housing of this size at all, he would have to share it with at least three other people. If MiiMii’s instructions are correct, the YouTuber would not live alone in his apartment, contrary to what was stated.

In direct contrast to the information published by MiiMii, ApoRed continues to try to convince his viewers that he lives a luxurious life with a lifestyle to match.

Is this information correct? We are currently unable to verify the information that MiiMii shares with the public in its video. Just like the court and the health insurance company, we currently do not have the exact address of ApoRed. Due to the many proofs and hints that MiiMii provides in his video, we consider these theses to be quite understandable. Should we receive any further information on this subject, we will of course let you know.