Dakar Desert Rally Played: Crossing the Desert – Gamescom Preview

Dakar Desert Rally Played: Crossing the Desert - Gamescom Preview

the Dakar Rally is, despite some mitigations, still one of the toughest and most dangerous racing events in the world. The event has now been taking place for three years Saudi Arabia instead of. Above 5,000 kilometers it goes for man and machine through rough rocky landscapes and almost endless desert areas. developer studio Saber Porto sets this motorsport experience for the first time since Dakar 2018 video game on personal computer and console around.

In Dakar Desert Rally (buy now €39.99) there are quite a few of them official vehicles, motorcycles, trucks, quads and SSVs to disposal. We can on about 30 stageswho are on the route of the events of the years 2020, 2021 and 2022 based and start with most of the licensed teams, drivers and cars. But the simulation, on which part of the Snowrunner crew also worked, can do better than its rather mediocre predecessor Dakar 2018? We have Dakar Desert Rally on the Gamescom played.

Between fun racer and simulation

Although publishers Saber Interactive With mudrunner and the sequel Snowrunner has gained a lot of experience in the field of a tough simulation, Dakar Desert Rally is also suitable for racing newcomers. While the handling of the vehicles is challenging, there are also some aids for novice driver. We’re not only allowed to start alone, as is usual in real rallies, but fight for positions with a full field of drivers. In this mode, we still have to be on ours co-pilots hear, but we can sometimes also orientate ourselves on the other vehicles, at least as long as we are not in the lead.

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If you want to experience the real Dakar more immersively, you can of course line up alone with your vehicle and listen to the announcements of your co-driver. Then the whole thing develops into that orientation rally, which the Dakar is flat. To get to our destination, we drive checkpoints which our co-pilot announces. The at the bottom edge of the screen serves as an aid notes and a compass.

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