Destiny 2: Cryptic Quatrains – All Walkthroughs and Rewards

Destiny 2: Cryptic Quatrains - All Walkthroughs and Rewards

Season 18 in Destiny 2 has started and brings players lots of new content. Including the “Cryptic Quatrains”, a series of puzzles and tasks that players can solve and complete. We provide you with a guide to parts 1 and 2 of the Cryptic Quatraints.

“Like a dreamer I staggered through the mist” – If that’s how you feel while reading the Cryptic Quatraints puzzles in Destiny 2, we have the perfect guide for you.

We provide you with instructions on how to solve the Cryptic Quatrains I and II. To do this, we will write down the puzzles in the gray boxes and explain below what you have to do.

Here’s the trailer for Lightfall in Destiny 2:

Destiny 2: Trailer for Lightfall shows new race – Guardians get cool lasso, swing like Spider-Man

Cryptic quatrains I:

How do I get the Cryptic Quatrain I quest? To start the first puzzle, you need to reach “Acuity” level 7 on the Star Map. Once you have reached the rank, fly to the HELM, there you will find the star map. There you will automatically receive the tasks for the cryptic quatrains.

Puzzle 1:
“My story begins, but I have to hide
‘Cause they’re looking for me in every corner
So I’m waiting for nightfall
And disappear to the moon with my cargo”

How do I solve riddle 1? The solution to the first riddle is simple: fly to the moon. After landing you will automatically get the second puzzle.

Puzzle 2:
There was sorrow and sorrow in the port
They lost everything just out of envy
What a terrible revelation the morning has brought
An abandoned chest on the beach, but empty and without treasure

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How to solve riddle 2? You go to the “Harbor of Sorrows” on the moon and then do the Lost Sector “K1 Revelation”. At the end you will find a chest that you have to open.

Important here: You need at least level 10 so that you can complete this task.

Puzzle 3:
Looking at the cosmos made me cry
Prayed to gods, fallen, great and small
But the balls had to interrupt it
But in a strike I want to take my revenge on them

How to solve puzzle 3? Now it goes to the cosmodrome on earth to complete the strike called “Fallen SABER”.

Puzzle 4:
The winds on Europa were cold and white
And maybe the tide stopped too
I looked for the cranes, it was very easy
‘Cause they couldn’t catch me by the hook

How to solve riddle 4? At the end of the first series of missions, you go to the “Eventide Ruins” in Europe. These are to the north of the destination. You come across a crane with a platform attached to the end. Next to the platform you will see a small iceberg. Here you have to “dig” so to speak, so interact until you find a treasure. There you will then receive a “rough cipher fragment”.

This completes the first series of missions.

Here’s a trailer for Season of the Raiders:

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen – Season of the Plunderers Trailer

Cryptic Quatrains II:

Puzzle 1:
I staggered through the night like a dreamer
A coast strewn with sunken things, what a sacrilege
They had lost the contents of my chest
My wishes are in my hands and I am chosen

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How do I solve riddle 1? Here you start in the “Dreaming City”. As soon as you have reached the landing point, you first make a turn in the opposite direction. Then it goes into the Lost Sector called “Coast of Sunken Wishes”. At the end of the sector, when you’ve dealt with all enemies, you’ll find the box again, which you can then open.

Puzzle 2:
I lay alone on the shore of the lake
And was almost doomed to die
Their shadows hid the sun’s glow
But I still had time before the last strike

How to solve riddle 2? To complete the 2nd puzzle, you must play the Lake of Shadows strike.

Puzzle 3:
It wasn’t worth my long expedition
The drawn sword scared me too much
My bones were way too old
And the blood in my veins will surely freeze soon

How to solve puzzle 3? Here you have to play the Season 18 Seasonal Expeditions Playlist. As equipment you carry a sword of your choice.

Note: You don’t need a treasure map to complete the task.

Puzzle 4:
Nessus would become my grave
Because I wanted to cross the shape of a pyramid there
Found in a pillar, tall and fine
In a cistern, empty but clean

How to solve riddle 4? Let’s go to Nessus. Choose “The Cistern” as the landing point and drive to the location “Well of Flame”. Go to the big tower next to Lake Radiolara and climb the steps to the triangular entrance. There’s a spot right behind it that you can examine.

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Puzzle 5:
My crew approached with big strides
And I immediately had to hide my treasure
Then I saw the broken sphere
Where the river falls from the sky doesn’t get in my way

How to solve riddle 5? With Nessus you are also directly in the right place for the last task. You are already at the location “Well of Flame” because of the 4th puzzle. From here you go north. You come to the place where the cabal event is being held and go to shore. Now the search begins until you have discovered the “Rough Cipher Fragment”. With this, the second row of cryptic quatrains is filled.

Once players have reached ‘Acuity’ level 16, we’ll show you the third and final part of the Cryptic Quatrain puzzle series. So click back into this guide when it has been updated and supplemented.

Have you already solved the Antiquarian I quest and riddle? And did you enjoy this new Destiny 2 cryptic quatrain puzzle quest? Write it to us in the comments.

The new raid will also start tonight. This is free for all interested players. If you need more information, feel free to check out our article on the Destiny 2 Kingsfall Raid.