Electronic Arts: Confusion About Buying Through Amazon

Electronic Arts (Unternehmen) von Electronic Arts

Electronic Arts appears to be for sale. After months ago there were already some interested parties in the room, Amazon is rumored to want to strike. However, there are conflicting reports about it.

That reported at least USA Today citing Good Luck Have Fun and their sources. If the suspicions prove true, Amazon would announce today, August 26, 2022, that they have made an official purchase offer for Electronic Arts. But shortly thereafter, an update from CNBC made the rounds, according to which this step will not take place after all.

What could Amazon plan to do with EA?

There seems to be a lot of confusion within the industry as a result. It remains unclear how far the negotiations behind the scenes have already progressed. As early as May of this year, the report made the rounds that EA was planning a sale or merger. In addition to Amazon, Disney, Apple and NBCUniversal, among others, were also considered potential buyers.

If, despite everything, Amazon makes the purchase in the end, there would be many new opportunities in the gaming sector for the shipping giant. Activities in this area have already increased, although there have been no major successes so far. With EA, a whole bunch of trademark rights would change hands. In addition to new games, film and series adaptations would also be possible.

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After Microsoft’s takeover of Activision Blizzard, EA itself is said to have taken such a step. The house of Call of Duty makers will go to the Xbox manufacturer for almost 70 billion.