Gamescom 2022 – How much action can it be? Gungrave GORE: Yes

Grave blasts his way through hordes of enemies in style

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Of: Jonas Dirkes

The title says it all: In Gungrave GORE, the scraps fly. We took a closer look at the action game at Gamescom.

Cologne – Can a video game name exude more testosterone than Gungrave GORE? Again very slowly, to let it melt in your mouth like a glucose drop: the game is called GUN – GRAVE – GORE – simply a treat for every pair of vocal cords. But does the game live up to its juicy name? We got a taste of the 3rd person action at Gamescom and smelled a lot of gunpowder.

Gamescom: How much action can it be? – Gungrave GORE: Yes © Iggymob

Gungrave GORE in the Gamescom preview: Lead is on sale in the South Korean shooter

Action games are plentiful, shooting and brawling remain perennial favorites in the world of video games. In Gungrave GORE, however, the whole thing is taken to the extreme. As the overpowering style vampire Grave, you slice your way through classic levels and hordes of enemies. If you have transported everyone to the afterlife, it continues, at the end of the map an obligatory Obermotz wants to be dismantled into pieces. So far so standard.

In Gungrave GORE there’s a lot of banging going on – and really. Armed with a lavish arsenal of firearms and skills, you set out as a grungy Grave to really let it rattle. Developer Iggymob’s game makes one thing clear from minute one: lead is on sale in Gungrave GORE. You never run out of ammo in the game, you can shoot from all guns and really let off steam.

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Grave shoots Gungrave GORE
There’s no shortage of lead for your guns in Gungrave GORE © Iggymob

If you succeed in doing related combos, you drive a flashy, blinking counter to unimagined heights. It’s not without reason that it’s reminiscent of a game like Devil May Cry, because Gungrave GORE also uses the genre leader from the 2000s in many other places. Gungrave will reward anyone who shoots and shreds in a particularly stylish way. The soundtrack in the background blasts a really dishonorable mixture of techno and metal – if you don’t feel that, you’ve never moved your french fries fork up and down to the beat in your life.

Gungrave GORE in the Gamescom preview: sensory overload ahead, but unfortunately still a bit sluggish

If you want to get involved in the game of the South Koreans from Iggymob, then sensory overload shouldn’t be a problem for your own well-being. Gungrave GORE is popping and exploding everywhere, there are particle effects, combo meters, various health meters and in the upper left corner a grim skull that moves constantly. The game delivers the full package in all respects and no half measures.

Grave aims the pistol at the camera
Grave dished out properly in developer Iggymob’s game. © Iggymob

What Gungrave GORE is still lacking, however, is the light-footedness that once made Devil May Cry an absolute high-flyer. Grave’s moves still feel a little too clumsy, a little too slow. That doesn’t fit with the rest of the over-the-top game. We still see a need for improvement here, but hopefully there will still be time for that before Gungrave GORE is released – by the way, the game should be released in 2022.