Lies of P played – The alternative for Bloodborne fans on the PC

Lies of P - Gameplay from Gamescom 2022

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Of: Sven Galitzki

After the gameplay trailer during Opening Night Live, you can now try out Lies of P for yourself at Gamescom. That’s our first impression.

Cologne, Germany – To this day, many Souls fans have been wanting the action role-playing game Bloodborne, a milestone in Soulslike games, on PC. The setting, the look, the atmosphere – to this day, the overall package is an absolute masterpiece for many players, despite the Elden Ring. Now, however, a fresh, promising title is in the works that could bring smiles to Bloodborne fans next year.

Lies of P alluded to – If you like Bloodborne, you’ll feel right at home here

What’s the matter? In Lies of P you take on the role of a strangely human Pinocchio. In a dark game world that has a Victorian touch and is strongly reminiscent of Bloodborne, you try to become a real person in the style of the classic fairy tale. You slice your way through all kinds of monsters with a lavish arsenal, complete quests and experience a story in which lies are said to play a major role.

Lies of P – Gameplay from Gamescom 2022 © Neowiz Games / Microsoft

How does Lies of P play? We were able to put our hands on Lies of P for a short time at Gamescom 2022. And the first conclusion after a little more than 10 minutes of playing time: Every Soulslike lover, but especially fans of Bloodborne, will immediately feel at home. The combat system, the weapons, the setting, the atmosphere, the items – all of this is more reminiscent of Bloodborne in Lies of P than in any other representative of the genre.

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That doesn’t mean it’s just a knockoff of the PlayStation-exclusive masterpiece, though. Although Lies of P is clearly based on Bloodborne in many aspects, it does have distinctive features such as the enemy design, which give the game its own special flair. In short: If you like Soulslikes in general and Bloodborne in particular, keep an eye on Lies of P!

Here you can have a first look at Lies of P:

Lies of P – When will the new Soulslike hope appear?

The release date and price: According to the current status, Lies of P will appear next year, i.e. 2023. There is currently no exact release date. There are also no details on the price yet.

Also interesting: At Gamescom, Lies of P will be presented as part of Game Pass. In principle, subscribers can almost certainly look forward to the game as part of the Game Pass sooner or later.