Lords of the Fallen comes back as a reboot & gets dark

The Lords of the Fallen

Lords of the Fallen gets a new part. It’s somehow a sequel, but it’s simply called “The Lords of the Fallen” and at the same time functions as a dark reboot of the game from Germany. A big RPG with online co-op awaits you.

Lords of the Fallen: Reboot and sequel announced in one

Lords of the Fallen returns: The dark fantasy action gets a new chapter. This is in line with the content of the first “Lords of the Fallen”. but also a reboot at the same time represent.

In the Opening Night Live for gamescom 2022 was a first trailer for “The Lords of the Fallen” to see:

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The first Lords of the Fallen worked roughly the games in the Dark Souls series. This means that you are dealing with a difficult and dark action RPG (here you can find our PlayCentral review for the first part read).

Judging by the trailer, that should also be the case in the new edition and sequel. The video sprays a lot Dark fantasy charm. However, what can be seen does not only appear gloomy, but also very atmospheric and promising.

While the first “Lords of the Fallen” was still from Deck 13 (The Surge) and CI Games was developed, the new part is apparently being created at CI Games and Hexworksaccording to the official The Lords of the Fallen website.

What is planned? A whole lot of exciting elements should make the new The Lords of the Fallen palatable to us.

  • The big game world should be more than five times as large as that of the first part.
  • RPG mechanics: We can make our own character, there are missions, etc.
  • Tactical action: The fights should be even faster and smoother, even with magic.
  • online co-op: “The Lords of the Fallen” should also be playable online for two.

When and where is it coming? The people behind them have not yet revealed an exact date for the release of “The Lords of the Fallen”. However, we do know that it will be developed on the basis of Unreal Engine 5 and will be released for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series S/X.

What do you think of the trailer and the announcement? Are you looking forward to The Lords of the Fallen? Tell us in the comments.


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