Netflix: Bioshock film has a director and writer – is it going to be awesome?

A Bioshock movie from Netflix?  That can't work - says Matze

from Matthias Brueckle
In February 2022, it was revealed that the iconic game Bioshock is getting a film adaptation – on Netflix. Since then, the project has been pretty quiet. But now there is an important revelation: director and writer are known! And they give hope.

Film adaptations are always a difficult topic. Because the balance of the last decades does not necessarily indicate that games lead to good films. This thought was also there when a film adaptation of Bioshock was revealed for the Netflix streaming service in February 2022. Bioshock fan and video game film skeptic Matze had made it clear at the time why he didn’t expect anything from this film. But now he has to revise his opinion at least a little, which is due to the announcement of the director and writer of the Bioshock film.