Season 5 Patch Notes – The update highlights at a glance

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Warzone starts in Season 5. The update for the new chapter has some exciting innovations in its luggage. We show you the highlights of the patch notes.

Santa Monica, California – With Warzone Season 5, Activision is probably heralding the final chapter of the game. Because at the end of the year Warzone 2 will already be available. Until then, however, players can still let off steam in the last season of Warzone. The download for the update has already gone online and promises a lot. Here you can find all the highlights of the patch notes for Season 5 in Warzone.

name of the game Call of Duty Warzone
Release (date of first publication) March 20, 2020
Publishers Activision
series Call of Duty
developer Raven Software
platform PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC
genre First person shooter

Warzone Season 5 Patch Notes: Weapon Buffs and Nerfs – New Meta

These are the main changes to the weapons: Raven Software once again let off steam with the weapons in Warzone Season 5. Almost no weapon was spared from the changes. What that means exactly for the Warzone Meta, however, is difficult to say. What is interesting, however, is that all snipers have had their flinch reduced. So loadouts with sniper and SMG support could possibly become important again. The gray has also received a juicy buff and could therefore make a good choice of weapon again. In the following tweet you will find an overview of all buffs and nerfs for assault rifles, LMGs, SMGs, shotguns and snipers.

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You should consider this for your loadouts: You should also keep an eye on the new weapons that you can unlock in the Warzone Season 5 Battle Pass, because they are not yet represented in the patch notes. In the past, however, weapons introduced in the current season have always been able to quickly compete with the old meta. However, it is also important that the popular MX silencer and the SVT-40 PU rifle scope have received a nerf 3-6 times. So the two much-used attachments could become useless in future builds.

Warzone: Season 5 Patch Notes – These are the map updates

This is changing on Caldera: Caldera also has some surprises in store for players in Season 5 of Warzone. During Operation: Last Call, the volcano will erupt and lava will spread over part of the map. The liquid magma will even make its way into some buildings and make it a bit difficult for the players to move around the map.

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A new Gulag will also find its way into Warzone Season 5. This should be adapted to the volcanic events on Caldera. The weather on the map has also been adjusted as the storm on Caldera has subsided and the sun is now shining through the smoke from the volcano.

This is changing on Rebirth Island: Rebirth Island also gets a few new adjustments from the developers. The island is now steadily accompanied by a beautiful sunset, except for September 2nd-4th, when players are offered a once-in-a-lifetime experience. During this weekend, Rebirth Island will only be playable at night.

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Warzone: Season 5 Patch Notes – This is what changes the gameplay

The update brings these new features: Big innovations in Warzone Season 5 await us, especially in the gameplay of the title. Because with the Doomsday Station, a completely new mechanism is introduced into the game. This can be activated once in the game for $10,000 and promises a lot of loot if you defeat the enemy AI that will attack you after activation.

Warzone: Season 5 Patch Notes – The highlights of the update at a glance © Activision

Supply Boxes: In Season 5 of Warzone, you now also have the option of accessing a completely new killstreak. The Supply Box UAV shows you unopened boxes in your area for 20 seconds. If you activate three of these UAVs at the same time, the effect increases again. In addition, personalized Supply Boxes can now also be found. These include your own favorite weapons. You can set your favorites in the loadout menu.

Rage Serum: If you use the new Rage Serum, your melee skills will increase for 40 seconds. This means that both your movement speed and your melee damage receive a decent boost and can give you a significant advantage in battle. Of course, these were not all of the patch notes for Warzone Season 5, if you want to read them you can do so on the page of Raven Software.