WoW: Failure less painful – nerf for creation spark affix


from Philip Sattler
With a new hotfix for the WoW live servers, the Blizzard developers have taken away some of the affixes from the Fateful Raids. The Spark of Creation now deals significantly less damage if you don’t play the mechanic properly.

The raid affixes that were introduced with the fateful raids in Season 4 of WoW: Shadowlands are intended to provide additional difficulty on the one hand and to reward you if you play them correctly on the other. However, there are significant differences in terms of difficulty. While some affixes are played casually, others require a high level of player attention to avoid becoming a reason for wiping. Above all the spark of creation.

Players get a ticking debuff that, when removed, creates three areas that players must intercept. Any player standing in an area gets a strong buff. If, on the other hand, an area is not intercepted, the entire raid will suffer high damage from a debuff. The more areas are ignored, the more severe the damage will be. Thanks to a hotfix, this damage will now be reduced.