Liquid Freezer II: Arctic points out defects – free service kit

Liquid Freezer II: Arctic points out defects - free service kit

from Maurice Riebling
Arctic is currently drawing attention to defective Liquid Freezer II water cooling systems and is offering a free repair service kit. Alternatively, affected products can also be sent directly to the manufacturer.

Arctic is currently notifying owners of an AiO water cooling system of the Liquid Freezer II about defective specimens that were already on the market last year. Owners of a potentially affected product sometimes run the risk of coolant leaking and flowing into the system. The cooling capacity can also be reduced by the deficiency.

An insufficiently vulcanized seal is mentioned as a specific problem. In the long term, there could be a chemical reaction between the sulfur residues and the copper plate, which in turn leads to the formation of deposits. These are ultimately the cause of leaks and loss of cooling capacity.

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Like Arctic on the associated website describes it as a slow process. However, it is still fast enough to cause corresponding problems within the 6-year guarantee period. Nonetheless, the manufacturer is advocating prompt maintenance of potentially affected products.

A free service kit is provided for this purpose, which includes, among other things, a replacement seal and a copper cooling plate. Specialist knowledge is not required for this and video instructions are also provided. It is very short at 30 seconds, but only four screws have to be loosened, the old seal removed and the new seal inserted to replace it. If you are still unsure, you can also contact the Arctic support team. In addition, the exchange of the seal and copper plate is offered by Arctic itself. In this case, however, waiting time for outward and return shipping must be accepted. Manual intervention when using the service kits does not result in a loss of warranty.

You can use a form to check whether your own Liquid Freezer II cooling system may be affected. Specifically, the problem occurs with products in the series that went on sale between May 2021 and March 2022. AiO coolers from production that rolled off the assembly line after the defect was rectified have received an additional QC sticker and can be recognized by this.

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