Real-life streamer Jinny was banned from Twitch without notice Dexerto

Real-life streamer Jinny was banned from Twitch without notice Dexerto

Korean Twitch streamer Jinny is one of the most popular streamers on Twitch. His travels around the world have captured a massive audience, but suddenly he has been banned without warning.

Jinny quickly traveled to the top of the twitch viewership charts through her travels in June 2022 and became the second most viewed female streamer on the platform.

But now, she has been banned. And no one is really sure why.

The reason for Jinny’s ban remains a mystery

Jinny has had her fair share of weird interactions on stream. From arguing with a drunk man who insulted his streaming career to being scammed on stream, he’s certainly had his fair share of controversial incidents throughout his Twitch career.

It’s been a long time since Jinny got banned on twitch for a period of time despite some close calls.

Jinny has been banned twice before on twitch. The big difference here is that those earlier bans had an immediate reason.

One of his bans was a result of some comments about one of the main characters from The Last of Us Part II, while the other was for reckless driving on a scooter. These bans were immediately answered by Jinny and had a reason behind them.

In the case of the reckless driving ban, he was quickly lifted after publicly apologizing for his actions.

Despite these bans, he still has a good reputation on Twitch and went to the most recent Twitchcon in June.

With that being said, Jinny recently had another scooter incident where she was not driving responsibly despite being previously disciplined for the same offence.

I was riding a scooter in Istanbul and trying to get it going while going up a hill. The scooter suddenly came to life after coming to a stop, and she jumped off it before she crashed into a wall.

While there is no direct stated reason for the ban, this is a possible suspect. For now, the only thing we know for sure is that she has been banned from Twitch.

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