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Of: Janik Boeck

Looking for an SSD for your PS5? Then your search is over. At MediaMarkt there are currently the best SSDs for the PS5 reduced.

Hamburg – Who doesn’t know it? You want to install a new game on the PS5, start the download and then the assistant reports: not enough storage space. With ever-growing open-world games, the amount of data to be installed keeps growing. MediaMarkt has just the thing for you. Some of the best SSDs for the Sony PS5 are on sale right now.

Buy PS5: One of the best SSDs reduced – strike fast

These SSDs are on sale: At MediaMarkt you are getting an absolute top deal in terms of SSDs for the PS5. The 980 PRO Heatsink from Samsung is currently reduced as a version with 1TB of storage space. You are currently saving a whopping 14 percent and only have to pay 111 euros. If 1TB is not enough for you, there is also a variant with 2TB storage space. For a few dollars more you can also get the SSDs from WD _Black with 500GB, 1TB and 2TB reduced.

Buy PS5 SSD © Sony/Samsung/WD _Black (Assembly)

Here’s why these SSDs are so good: The SSDs are officially considered compatible hard drives for the PS5. These are M.2 SSDs, which means they fit perfectly in the slot provided. With PCIe 4.0, the SSDs are also capable of installing PS5 games. With a read speed of up to 7,000 MB/s, the SSDs are also faster than Sony’s minimum requirement. Built-in cooling functions of the SSDs ensure that your PS5 does not burst into flames when you have a long gaming session ahead of you.

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Buy PS5: One of the best SSDs reduced – this is how you install it

How to install the SSD: To install an SSD in your PS5, you need a screwdriver. Take off one of the side panels. Then remove the cap from the SSD slot in the PS5 with the screwdriver. Insert the hard drive there and fix it in turn with a screw. Then reattach the flap and put on the side panel. Finished. Tom Warren from the technology magazine The Verge showed the process with a wink in a video:

Until then, the deal is: It is not clear until when the deal will apply. So you’d better act fast if you want to get one of the best SSDs for the PS5 at a special price. If you still don’t have the console you need, take a look at our PS5 ticker. There we will inform you about every drop. If you start sweating in the summer temperatures, there are some top deals at MediaMarkt for fans and air conditioners – so you can get your gaming room nice and fresh again.

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