Availability from 29.08. – 5 traders are hot this week

Many players would like to win a PS5.

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Of: Noah Struthoff

Sony’s PS5 could be back in many places this week. But which retailers are the hottest? We give the big overview.

Hamburg – In the search for the PS5 from Sony, there could be supplies in some places this week. In general, the current console situation is relatively relaxed, so your chances are good that you will also have a chance on the PS5 this week. We show you the dealers who currently have the best drop chances in Germany.

Console name PlayStation 5 (PS5)
Manufacturer Sony Interactive Entertainment (YOU)
Type Stationary game console
generation 09th console generation
storage medium Blu Ray, SSD
release November 19, 2020

Buy PS5: Replenishment this week – Where could there be drops?

Where was the last replenishment? In the last week, OTTO, PlayStation Direct, MediaMarkt and Saturn have been replenished. With that, four major dealers sold the PS5. However, the drops are currently piling up, which is why things could continue this week.

These are the hottest traders: Some providers are hot again this week. Here is an overview of the best places to go at the moment:

  • Buy PS5 from Amazon: Amazon has had an invitation system for two weeks. Since last week, the first consoles have also been sold via these invitations. However, this is only the Horizon bundle. All other versions of the console have not yet been acquired by invitation. That could probably continue this week. It should be exciting here, especially on Wednesday.
  • Buy PS5 from Müller: Müller last had supplies on July 21st. So it’s been over a month. The retailer had already sold the PS5 every month, so a drop in the coming days would be conceivable. So you should definitely keep an eye on Müller.
  • Buy PS5 at GameStop: The last drop at GameStop took place on July 1st. Previously, the retailer sold the PS5 several times within two months. So the potential for an online drop is there soon. It might be this week.
  • Buy PS5 at PlayStation Direct: At PlayStation Direct there is currently a sale almost every week. For this purpose, some consoles are only sold to invited people in the closed drop and then offered to everyone in the open drop. There is nothing to prevent it from being sold this week as well. So it should be exciting again.
  • Buy PS5 at the game grotto: game grotto is an insider tip for the PS5. Most recently, the small retailer sold a few consoles on August 6th. There has been a sale here every month recently and it could continue in September. So you should keep a close eye on the game grotto.
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Buy PS5: Availability from 29.08. – 5 traders are hot this week. © Sony/Pixabay/Unsplash

Buy PS5: Consoles for everyone this Christmas? That’s the odds

This is how the situation could develop: The odds on consoles are pretty good right now. Drops are available for much longer and the demand is noticeably decreasing. So it could be that in a few weeks the entire supply drought will be over.

However, the Christmas business is slowly approaching and demand should then increase again. So if you want a console, you’d better get your hands on it now. Around Christmas, the PS5 will probably be harder to come by again. You also have to pay more for the PS5 now: Buy PS5: Sony console is getting more expensive – you have to pay that much now