gamescom: Military cosplay ensures SEK mission in Cologne

gamescom 2022

The games fair took place last week from August 25th to 28th, 2022 gamescom in the Rhine metropolis of Cologne. But while hundreds of thousands of visitors flocked to the gamescom halls and enjoyed the physical form of the fair after a two-year absence, there were also a few incidents that made negative headlines.

For example, one broke out outside the exhibition halls fierce argument between the twitch streamers Tanzban, Orangemorange and Scurrows.

Too realistic for gamescom

A 19-year-old probably wouldn’t have expected that when he arrived on Friday afternoon in military clothing and stood with dummy weapons in Cologne-Ossendorf at the Franziska-Anneke-Straße bus stop.

Actually, according to his own statement, his goal was the gamescom in Cologne-Deutz. But the young man was not supposed to make it to the fair that day – instead, he solved one with his disguise Large-scale police operation out.

Passers-by immediately called 911 and reported that an “armed man” had entered a house. The officers took the reports very seriously and surrounded the building shortly after the call with a special task force.

Of the Access was finally at 1 p.m. The man sustained a minor head injury. According to a spokesman, he was then taken care of by rescue workers.

In addition, a Helicopter requestedcircling above the building.

The officials found in the 19 year old’s apartment not an arsenal of weapons, just more dummies before.

“According to initial findings, the young man originally wanted to take the bus to the computer and games fair in his disguise,” so the police.

Accordingly, the police warn that it is dangerous to walk around in public with deceptively real-looking weapons. The police take indications of corresponding “weapons” very seriously, as Martin Lotz, the head of operations for the Cologne police, announced.

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The young man is now free again.

We recommend that appropriate costumes first on the grounds of the fair be attracted. Also are weapon dummies only permitted at gamescom if they are marked accordingly:

  • Apparent weapons are only permitted if they can be recognized as such by their design. This is guaranteed by the color design or the size.
  • Due to their nature, they must not pose a danger to others.
  • In particular, this means that they are not made entirely or predominantly of metal, wood or hard plastic.